The central theme for my scholarly work has been the concept of regioisomerism in synthetic novel psychoactive substances (NPS) drugs. We have worked on these issues in several NPS drug categories including the substituted phenethylamines, synthetic cannabinoids, cathinone derivatives (Bath Salts), piperazine stimulants and the hallucinogenic NBOMe substances.

Our research in forensic drug chemistry involves studies to improve the differentiation of regioisomeric and isobaric compounds related to controlled drug substances.


  • Development of analytical methods for drugs and metabolites in biological samples using appropriate analytical techniques; quantitative structure-retention relationships in HPLC; development of derivatizing reagents to facilitate chromatographic analyses; synthesis and pharmacologic evaluation of potential anticonvulsant agents; studies of structural and stereochemical factors affecting the mechanism of drug action at the molecular level.
PhD, University of Mississippi, Medicinal Chemistry, 1973
BA, Berry College, Biology and Chemistry, 1967