7 Publications
Violent Encounters: A Criminal Event Analysis of Lethal and Nonlethal Outcomes
Weaver, Greg SClifford Wittekind, Janice EHuff Corzine, LinCorzine, JayPetee, Thomas A and Jarvis, John P
Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice, vol. 20, (no. 4), pp. 348 - 368, 2004. | Journal Article
A Contextual Analysis of Firearm Availability and Homicide
Corzine, JayWeaver, Greg S and Huff-Corzine, Lin
Southern Sociological Society, 2002. 2002. | Conference Proceeding
Illegal Drug Markets and Juvenile Homicide: A Test of the Blumstein Hypothesis
Knudsen, CourtneyWeaver, Greg SClifford Wittekind, Janice E and Petee, Thomas A
Southern Sociological Society, 2002. 2002. | Conference Proceeding
Race, Gender, Context and the Subcultures of Violence
Weaver, Greg SPetee, Thomas ACorzine, JayWittekind, Janice EHuff Corzine, Lin and Kowalski, Gregory S
Southern Sociological Society, 2001. 2001. | Conference Proceeding
The Situational Context of Homicide: A Comparison of Acquaintance, Stranger, and "Unknown" Victim-Offender Relationships
Weaver, Greg SHuff Corzine, LinWittekind, JanicePetee, Thomas A and Corzine, Jay
Southern Sociological Society, 2000. 2000. | Conference Proceeding
The Influence of Conservative Protestant Affiliation on Regional Differences in Lethal Violence (Dissertation)
Weaver, Greg S (1998).
The influence of conservative Protestant affiliation on regional differences in lethal violence (Dissertation)
Weaver, Greg S (1997).