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Statistical Signal Processing; Wireless and Wireline Communications; Cognitive Radio; System Identification and Stochastic System Analysis; Multisensor Multitarget Tracking. Wireless Communications
  • Physical layer security : pilot spoofing/contamination attacks, user authentication, ...
  • Massive MIMO : channel estimation, pilot decontamination, ...
  • Cognitive radio : spectrum sensing
Statistical Signal Processing
  • Improper/non-circular complex-valued random signal processing : detection and estimation under uncertainty
  • Robust signal processing : detection and estimation under uncertainty
  • Comparing random signals : generalized likelihood ratio tests and analysis
Multisensor Multitarget Tracking
Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering
PhD, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Electrical Engineering, 1978
MS, Syracuse University, Electrical Engineering, 1973
BS, PEC University of Technology, India, Electronics and Electrical Communications Engineering, 1971
electrical engineering or electronics