Research Interests:

  • Laser-Assisted Science and Engineering
  • Synthesis, Processing, and Characterization of Nanomaterials
  • 0D, 1D, 2D Materials and Hybrid Structures
  • Nanoelectronics, Optoelectronic, and Photonics
  • Energy Harvesting and Storage
PhD, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Electrical Engineering, 2013
BS, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Electrical Engineering, 2008
laser materials processing laser spectroscopy laser assisted nanomaterials syntheses laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (libs) laser writing laser marking absorption interfacial phenomena applied electronics microelectronics solid state electronics photovoltaics light emitting diodes novel device concepts photoelectric cells quantum electronics quantum structures electron transfer ferroelectricity materials joining layered or superlattice materials metals or alloys transition metals photovoltaic materials physical properties materials preparation or fabrication radiation effects on materials materials, structure and phase surfaces and interfaces condensed matter physics photovoltaic cells

McNair Fellowship, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Materials Research Society