Overall objectives are: (1) to develop weed management systems that integrate herbicides, conservation tillage, crop rotations, cover crops, and agronomic crops, and (2) develop guidelines and decision best management practices (BMP's) which will assist producers in selecting systems that improve resistant weed management while retaining conservation practices. Current research includes investigating herbicide efficacy, weed population dynamics, diversity, and population composition, weed seed bank, crop-weed interactions, competition and weed control, plant-environment-herbicide interactions, canopy development and light interception, allelopathic interactions, resistant biology and management, and economic thresholds of weeds in row-crop and vegetables grown in high-residue conservation agriculture production systems.

Environmental Science, Agronomy
PhD, North Carolina State University, Crop Science, 2003
MS, University of Tennessee, Plant and Soil Sciences, 1999
BS, University of Tennessee, Plant and Soil Sciences, 1996