Subject Areas:

  • In-situ Process Monitoring
  • Thermal Modeling of AM Processes
  • AM Design for Combustion
  • Nuclear & Thermal Systems
  • Low-Temperature Kinetics
  • Mechanism Development
  • Chemical Kinetics
  • IC Engines and Propulsion Systems
  • Experimental Methodologies
  • Plasma-Assisted Combustion

Research Interests:

  • Developing sustainable energy technologies with decreased net environmental impact
  • Experimental techniques, including laser-based optical diagnostic methods
  • Low temperature combustion and plasma-assisted combustion
  • Conventional and alternative fuels
  • Internal combustion engines, gas turbines and propulsion systems  
Mechanical Engineering
PhD, Pennsylvania State University, Mechanical Engineering
MASc, University of Toronto, Mechanical Engineering
BASc, University of Toronto, Mechanical Engineering