Behavioral pharmacology and toxicology.

Neuromotor effects of drugs and toxicants.

Experimental analysis of behavior.

Drug and toxicant effects on learning.

Quantification in behavior analysis

Dr. Newland's research activity is focused on the application of basic research in behavior analysis to the examination of exposure to toxic substances or drugs that act on the nervous system.

Environmental Science, Agronomy, Psychology
PhD, Georgia Institute of Technology, Experimental Psychology, 1982
MS, Georgia Institute of Technology, Experimental Psychology, 1979
BEE, Auburn University, Electrical Engineering, 1972
adolescent psychopharmacology epigenetics drugs or drug abuse psychology behavioral or experimental psychology human learning and memory pharmacology neurotoxicology neurology neuropharmacology neuroscience environmental science toxicology
American Psychological Association
Association for Behavior Analysis
Behavioral Toxicology Society
Society of Toxicology