Rudisill’s primary research focus is what motivates children to learn to move and engage in physical activity.

Academic Areas:

  • Exercise Science
  • Kinesiology

Teaching Interests

  • Motor behavior courses

Research Interests:

  • Learn how to move and move
    1. advance pathways to motor competence
    2. improve fundamental motor skills
    3. increase perceived competence
  • Engage in healthy behavior 
    1. increase in physical activity – heart rate and PAR<50
    2. increase in stress response (i.e., positive change in cortisol salivary response)
  • Improve behavior in school
    1. improve on-task behavior during classroom activities
Physical Education, Physical Education, Allied Health, Allied Health
PhD, Florida State University, Movement Science, 1985
MS, Appalachian State University, Physical Education, 1982
BA, Appalachian State University, Physical Education, 1981
health and safety education