Research Areas: Remote sensing and Geographic Information Systems, Land Use Change, water resources, biogeography, Weather and Climate

In particular, he is interested in Land Use/Land Cover change and the associated impacts of such changes. Recently, Dr. Marzen has been exploring methods in Geographic Object Based Image Analysis (GeOBIA) fusing aerial and satellite imagery with airborne and terrestrial LiDAR.

I am particularly interested in anthropogenic induced changes in the environment and therefore I seek to interrelate some human aspects in my research. Here are a few areas that I have concentrated my studies on:

  • Understanding natural and human induced changes of disturbed landscapes.
  • Agricultural impacts on water quantity and quality of water bodies.
  • Developing remote sensing methods to detect water-stressed vegetation.

Subject Area

  • Geospatial Sciences
Past Affiliations

Associate Professor, Geography

Assistant Professor, Geography

Associate Professor, Department of Geosciences, College of Sciences and Mathematics, Auburn University

Geology, Geography
PhD, Kansas State University, Geography, 2001
MS, Oklahoma State University, Geography , 1997
BS, Northwest Missouri State University, Geography , 1995
geography geographic information systems climatology biogeography remote sensing