12 Publications
Absorbent Pads Containing N‑Halamine Compound for Potential Antimicrobial Use for Chicken Breast and Ground Chicken
Ren, TianRen, TianHayden, MitchelleHayden, MitchelleQiao, MingyuQiao, MingyuHuang, Tung-ShiHuang, Tung-ShiRen, XuehongRen, XuehongWeese, Jean and Weese, Jean
Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, vol. 66, (no. 8), pp. 1948, 20180228. | Journal Article
Antibacterial Coating of Cellulose by Iso-bifunctional Reactive N-halamine with the Dyeing Process of Reactive Dye
Mu, TongPan, NengyuWang, YingfengRen, Xuehong and Huang, Tung-Shi
Fibers and Polymers, vol. 19, (no. 11), pp. 2289, 2018-11-00. | Journal Article
Antimicrobial Activity of N-Halamine-Coated Materials in Broiler Chicken Houses
Ren, TianRen, TianQiao, MingyuQiao, MingyuZhang, LeiZhang, LeiWeese, JeanWeese, JeanHuang, Tung-ShiHuang, Tung-ShiRen, Xuehong and Ren, Xuehong
Journal of food protection, vol. 81, (no. 2), pp. 201, 2018-Feb. | Journal Article
Biocidal poly (vinyl alcohol) films incorporated with N-halamine siloxane
Li, JingLi, RongSheng, JunfengCheng, XiaoliRen, Xuehong and Huang, Tung-Shi
Composites Communications, vol. 10, pp. 92, December 2018. | Journal Article
Efficacy of N-halamine compound on reduction of microorganisms in absorbent food pads of raw beef
Ren, TianRen, XuehongRen, XuehongRen, TianQiao, MingyuQiao, MingyuHuang, Tung-ShiHuang, Tung-ShiWeese, Jean and Weese, Jean
Food Control, vol. 84, pp. 262, February 2018. | Journal Article
Fabrication of cotton fabrics through in-situ reduction of polymeric N-halamine modified graphene oxide with enhanced ultraviolet-blocking, self-cleaning, and highly efficient, and monitorable antibacterial properties
Pan, NengyuLiu, YingRen, Xuehong and Huang, Tung-Shi
Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, vol. 555, pp. 771, 2018-10-20. | Journal Article
High performance polypyrrole coating for corrosion protection and biocidal applications
Nautiyal, AmitNautiyal, AmitNautiyal, AmitQiao, MingyuQiao, MingyuQiao, MingyuCook, Jonathan EdwinCook, Jonathan EdwinCook, Jonathan EdwinZhang, XinyuZhang, XinyuZhang, XinyuHuang, Tung-ShiHuang, Tung-Shi and Huang, Tung-Shi
Applied Surface Science, vol. 427, pp. 930, 2018-01-01. | Journal Article
N-halamine incorporated antimicrobial nonwoven fabrics for use against avian influenza virus
Ren, TianDormitorio, TeresaQiao, MingyuHuang, Tung-Shi and Weese, Jean
Veterinary Microbiology, vol. 218, pp. 78, 20180501. | Journal Article
Antibacterial membranes based on chitosan and quaternary ammonium salts modified nanocrystalline cellulose
Liu, YingLiu, YingLi, MeiLi, MeiQiao, MingyuQiao, MingyuRen, XuehongRen, XuehongHuang, Tung-ShiHuang, Tung-ShiBuschle Diller, Gisela and Buschle-Diller, Gisela
Polymers for Advanced Technologies, vol. 28, (no. 12), pp. 1635, 2017-12-00. | Journal Article
N-Halamine Biocidal Materials with Superior Antimicrobial Efficacies for Wound Dressings
Demir, BuketBroughton, Roy MQiao, MingyuHuang, Tung-Shi and Worley, S D
Molecules (Basel, Switzerland), vol. 22, (no. 10), pp. 1582, 2017-Sep-21. | Journal Article
N-Halamine modified thermoplastic polyurethane with rechargeable antimicrobial function for food contact surface
Qiao, MingyuQiao, MingyuRen, TianRen, TianHuang, Tung-ShiHuang, Tung-ShiWeese, JeanWeese, JeanLiu, YingLiu, YingRen, XuehongRen, XuehongFarag, Ramsis and Farag, Ramsis
RSC Advances, vol. 7, (no. 3), pp. 1240, 2017-00-00. | Journal Article
Expression of truncated tobacco osmotin in Escherichia coli: purification and antifungal activity.
Tzou, Ywh-MinTzou, Ywh-MinTzou, Ywh-MinTzou, Ywh-MinTzou, Ywh-MinHuang, Tung-ShiHuang, Tung-ShiHuang, Tung-ShiHuang, Tung-ShiHuang, Tung-ShiHuggins, KevinHuggins, KevinHuggins, Kevin WHuggins, KevinHuggins, KevinChin, Bryan AChin, BryanChin, BryanChin, BryanChin, BryanSimonne, AmaratSimonne, Amarat HSimonne, AmaratSimonne, AmaratSimonne, AmaratSingh, Narendra KSingh, NarendraSingh, NarendraSingh, Narendra and Singh, Narendra
Biotechnology letters, vol. 33, (no. 3), pp. 539-43, 2011/Mar. | Journal Article