The Avila-Flores laboratory is at the interfaces of biology, chemistry and physics. A primary focus is to design innovative nanomedicines for the treatment of different human diseases. Current research employs peptide-based materials that self-assemble into vesicular nanoparticles.

Additionally, the laboratory is investigating new methods for gene silencing in insect models, by adding dsRNA associated with peptide nanoparticles to their diet. Gene silencing by feeding dsRNA in insects has great potential as a tool for pest management because it can reduce the off-target effect and slow down resistance development to chemical insecticides.


  • Branched Amphiphilic Peptide Capsules (BAPCs) as a Delivery Systems for mRNA vaccines
  • Oral Delivery of dsRNA to Inhibit Gene Expression in Insects
BSc, Autonomous University of Madrid
MS, University of the Basque Country
PhD, Arkansas State University