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Critical Knowledge Gaps for Understanding Water–Rock–Working Phase Interactions for Compressed Energy Storage in Porous Formations
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Role of Pore and Pore-Throat Distributions in Controlling Permeability in Heterogeneous Mineral Dissolution and Precipitation Scenarios
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Evaluation of accessible mineral surface areas for improved prediction of mineral reaction rates in porous media
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Evaluation of Macroscopic Porosity-Permeability Relationships in Heterogeneous Mineral Dissolution and Precipitation Scenarios
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Evaluation of mineral reactive surface area estimates for prediction of reactivity of a multi-mineral sediment
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Micro-Continuum Approaches for Modeling Pore-Scale Geochemical Processes
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The Nanoscale Basis of CO2 Trapping for Geologic Storage
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2D and 3D imaging resolution trade-offs in quantifying pore throats for prediction of permeability
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Intragranular porosity in Hanford sediment: Quantification and implications for radionuclide trapping
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Dissolution Potential of SO2 Co-Injected with CO2 in Geologic Sequestration
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Dissolution Potential of SO^sub 2^ Co-Injected with CO^sub 2^ in Geologic Sequestration
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Limitations for brine acidification due to SO2 co-injection in geologic carbon sequestration
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