I am a parasitologist who trains students as field biologists, analytical researchers, diagnosticians, teachers, and scholars of parasitology. Together we explore taxonomy, systematics, and parasite biology by collecting parasites, symbionts, and pathogens in association with invertebrates and vertebrates in rivers, lakes, estuaries, and oceanic localities nearby and abroad. We use these approaches to ask the biggest question: “What organism does this?” What follows comprises applied and basic lines of investigation relevant to agencies and biologists with whom we collaborate.

Past Affiliations

Post Doctoral, Gulf Coast Research Laboratory, School of Ocean Science and Technology, College of Arts and Sciences, University of Southern Mississippi (past)

Assistant Professor, School of Fisheries, Aquaculture and Aquatic Sciences, College of Agriculture, Auburn University

Marine Biology, Fishing, Fisheries Science, Ocean Sciences
PhD, University of Southern Mississippi, Coastal Sciences, 2007
MSc, University of Southern Mississippi, Coastal Sciences, 2002
BSc, University of South Carolina at Columbia, Marine Sciences, 1997
fish and fisheries