Research interests broadly focus on establishing safe and effective dosing regimens (pharmacodynamic, pharmacokinetic and clinical trial studies) of therapeutic agents in animals. Dr. Boothe’s primary emphasis is on dogs and cats, followed by exotic/wildlife/zoo [ZEW] animals and to a lesser degree, large animals (horses). This broad research interest leads to studies at all levels including molecular (e.g., mechanisms of antimicrobial resistance and virulence, inhibition of inflammatory signals), cellular (uptake of antibiotics by phagocytic cells), organ (differences in hepatic drug metabolizing enzymes among ZEW species), systems (improving drug delivery to the skin versus urinary tract) and whole animal (e.g., novel drug delivery systems).

Keywords: Pharmacology

Pharmacology, Physiology, Human Anatomy
PhD, Texas A&M University, Physiology (Clinical Pharmacology), 1989
MS, Texas A&M University, Physiology , 1986
DVM, Texas A&M University, 1980
BS, Texas A&M University, Veterinary Medicine, 1978
BS, Texas A&M University, Zoology, 1977
veterinary medicine