Her research involves the use of immersive technologies to influence perception of risk and severity of chronic diseases.

Her research involves the application of behavioral economic theory to study preventive health behaviors and behaviors to minimize progression of disease, including medication adherence, diet, and physical activity. Specifically, she studies incentive systems that help individuals overcome present-biased preferences in order to engage in and maintain preventive health behaviors and use of technology, such as virtual reality and haptic devices, to influence perception of risk and severity of disease.

She collaborates with investigators from computer science, engineering, medicine, education, kinesiology, nursing, and psychology to study health behaviors related to heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis, obesity, immunization, and prescription drug abuse.


  • Digital Health
  • Socio-Behavioral Pharmacy
Health Services Administration, Pharmacy
PhD, West Virginia University, Health Outcomes Research, 2010
MBA, West Virginia University, Business Administration, 2006
PharmD, Auburn University, Pharmacy, 1999
BS, Auburn University, Pharmacy, 1998