Research Interests

  •  Early verbal and nonverbal language development
  • Disability and Family
  •  Verbal and Nonverbal language in children’s media
  • Evaluation of disability training programs

Her research broadly focuses on how outside inputs (e.g., language, curriculum, media) directly and indirectly support learning outcomes.

She has explored this pathway through multiple research lenses, including:

  1.  providing a foundational examination of children’s television as a source of verbal and nonverbal language input,
  2.  understanding early verbal and nonverbal language production and comprehension for children with different developmental profiles, particularly as it relates to parental input, with a focus on children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and
  3.  evaluating the effectiveness of an interdisciplinary training program on preparing providers to work with children with developmental disorders.


PHD, Georgia State University, Developmental Psychology, 2022
MS, Georgia State University, Developmental Psychology, 2017
MA, Virginia Tech, Human Development, 2011
BA, Virginia Tech, French, 2009
BA, Virginia Tech, Political Science, 2009