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M-based simultaneous inference for the mean function of functional data
Lima, ItaloLima, ItaloLima, ItaloLima, ItaloCao, GuanqunCao, GuanqunCao, GuanqunCao, GuanqunBillor, NedretBillor, NedretBillor, Nedret and Billor, Nedret
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Robust simultaneous inference for the mean function of functional data
Lima, ItaloLima, ItaloLima, ItaloLima, ItaloCao, GuanqunCao, GuanqunCao, GuanqunCao, GuanqunBillor, NedretBillor, NedretBillor, Nedret and Billor, Nedret
TEST, vol. 28, (no. 3), pp. 803, 20190901. | Journal Article
Simultaneous Confidence Band for Stationary Covariance Function of Dense Functional Data
Wang, JiangyanCao, GuanqunWang, Li and Yang, Lijian
2019-03-13. | Journal Article
Upper Airway Thermoregulation During Singing Warm-Up
Sandage, MarySandage, MaryWang, ShuoyangWang, ShuoyangCao, Guanqun and Cao, Guanqun
Journal of Voice, 2019. | Journal Article
Adaptive Learning Hybrid Model for Solar Intensity Forecasting
Wang, YuWang, YuWang, YuShen, YinxingShen, YinxingShen, YinxingMao, ShiwenMao, ShiwenMao, ShiwenCao, GuanqunCao, GuanqunCao, GuanqunNelms, Robert MNelms, Robert M and Nelms, Robert M
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, vol. 14, (no. 4), pp. 1645, 2018-April. | Journal Article
Efficient estimation for generalized partially linear single-index models
Wang, Li and Cao, Guanqun
Bernoulli, vol. 24, (no. 2), pp. 1127, 2018-05-00. | Journal Article
Hemolymph protein profiles of subterranean termite Reticulitermes flavipes challenged with methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus or Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Zeng, YuanZeng, YuanZeng, YuanHu, Xing PingHu, Xing PingHu, Xing PingCao, GuanqunCao, GuanqunCao, GuanqunSuh, Sang-JinSuh, Sang Jin and Suh, Sang-Jin
Scientific Reports, vol. 8, 2018-09-01. | Journal Article
Influence of Poultry Litter on Crop Productivity under Different Field Conditions: A Meta-Analysis
Lin, YaruLin, YaruWatts, Dexter BWatts, Dexter Bvan Santen, Edzardvan Santen, EdzardCao, Guanqun and Cao, Guanqun
Agronomy Journal, vol. 110, (no. 3), pp. 807, 2018-00-00. | Journal Article
Simultaneous inference for the mean of repeated functional data
Cao, Guanqun and Wang, Li
Journal of Multivariate Analysis, vol. 165, pp. 295, May 2018. | Journal Article
Elementary School Teachers' Vocal Dose: Muscle Bioenergetics and Training Implications
Smith, Audrey GSmith, Audrey GSmith, Audrey GSandage, Mary JSandage, Mary JSandage, Mary JPascoe, David DPascoe, David DPascoe, David DPlexico, Laura WPlexico, Laura WPlexico, Laura WLima, Italo RLima, Italo RLima, Italo RCao, GuanqunCao, Guanqun and Cao, Guanqun
Journal of speech, language, and hearing research : JSLHR, vol. 60, (no. 7), pp. 1842, 2017-07-12. | Journal Article
Multivariate semiparametric spatial methods for imaging data
Chen, HuaihouCao, Guanqun and Cohen, Ronald A
Biostatistics (Oxford, England), vol. 18, (no. 2), pp. 401, 2017-04-01. | Journal Article
Cao, GuanqunWang, LiLi, Yehua and Yang, Lijian
Statistica Sinica, vol. 26, (no. 1), pp. 383, 20160101. | Journal Article
Statistical Approaches for the Study of Cognitive and Brain Aging
Chen, HuaihouChen, HuaihouZhao, BingxinZhao, BingxinCao, GuanqunCao, GuanqunProges, Eric CProges, Eric CO'Shea, AndrewO'Shea, AndrewWoods, Adam JWoods, Adam JCohen, Ronald A and Cohen, Ronald A
Frontiers in aging neuroscience, vol. 8, pp. 176, 2016-00-00. | Journal Article
A score-type test for heterogeneity in zero-inflated models in a stratified population.
Cao, GuanqunHsu, Wei-Wen and Todem, David
Statistics in medicine, vol. 33, (no. 12), pp. 2103-2114, May 30, 2014. | Journal Article
Simultaneous confidence bands for derivatives of dependent functional data
Cao, Guanqun
Electronic Journal of Statistics, vol. 8, (no. 2), pp. 2663, 2014-00-00. | Journal Article
Evaluating Statistical Hypotheses Using Weakly-Identifiable Estimating Functions.
CAO, GUANQUNCao, GuanqunTodem, DavidYang, LijianYANG, LIJIAN and Fine, Jason
Scandinavian journal of statistics, theory and applications, vol. 40, (no. 2), pp. 256-273, June 1, 2013. | Journal Article
Simultaneous Inference For The Mean Function Based on Dense Functional Data.
Cao, GuanqunYang, Lijian and Todem, David
Journal of nonparametric statistics, vol. 24, (no. 2), pp. 359-377, June 1, 2012. | Journal Article
Spline confidence bands for functional derivatives
Cao, GuanqunCao, GuanqunWang, LiWang, JingWang, JingWang, LiTodem, David and Todem, David
Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, vol. 142, (no. 6), pp. 1570, June 2012. | Journal Article
Abstract A6: A global sensitivity test for evaluating hypotheses with non- and weakly identifiable statistical models: An application to breast cancer outcomes
Todem, DavidCao, GuanqunYang, Lijian and Fine, Jason P
Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers & Prevention, vol. 20, (no. 10 Supplement), pp. A6, 2011-09-00. | Journal Article
Inference of change-point in single index models
Cao, GuanQunWang, ZhanFengWu, YaoHua and Zhao, LinCheng
Science in China Series A: Mathematics, vol. 51, (no. 10), pp. 1870, 20081000. | Journal Article