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Targeting Molecular Mechanisms of Obesity- and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus-Induced Skeletal Muscle Atrophy with Nerve Growth Factor. International Journal of Molecular Sciences
. | Journal Article
Oleocanthal Ameliorates Metabolic and Behavioral Phenotypes in a Mouse Model of Alzheimer’s Disease. Molecules
. | Journal Article
Oleocanthal Ameliorates Metabolic and Behavior Phenotypes in a Mouse Model of Alzheimer’s Disease
Consensus molecular subtype differences linking colon adenocarcinoma and obesity revealed by a cohort transcriptomic analysis
Greene, Michael WAbraham, Peter TKuhlers, Peyton CLipke, Elizabeth AHeslin, Martin JWijaya, Stanley T and Odeniyi, Ifeoluwa
PLoS One, vol. 17, (no. 5), May 2022. | Journal Article
Diet as a Risk Factor for Early-Onset Colorectal Adenoma and Carcinoma: A Systematic Review
Carroll, K.L.Carroll, K.L.Carroll, Kaitlin L.Frugé, Andrew D.Frugé, A.D.Frugé, A.D.Heslin, M.J.Heslin, M.J.Heslin, Martin J.Lipke, E.A.Lipke, Elizabeth A.Lipke, E.A.Greene, Michael W.Greene, M.W. and Greene, M.W.
Frontiers in nutrition (Lausanne), vol. 9, pp. 896330, 2022-06-09. | Journal Article
Early Pandemic Improvements in Diet Quality Are Associated with Increased Physical Activity and Weight Loss in US Adults
Gautreaux, Corinne EGautreaux, C.E.Smith, Kristen SSmith, K.S.Dolan, LukeDolan, L.Marlin, Michael BMarlin, M.B.Greene, M.W.Greene, Michael WNovak, Josh RNovak, J.R.Frugé, A.D.Frugé, Andrew D and Frugé, Andrew D
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, vol. 19, (no. 14), 2022. | Journal Article
Engineered colorectal cancer tissue recapitulates key attributes of a patient-derived xenograft tumor line
Hassani, ImanHassani, ImanAnbiah, BenjaminAnbiah, BenjaminKuhlers, PeytonKuhlers, PeytonHabbit, Nicole LHabbit, Nicole LAhmed, BulbulAhmed, BulbulHeslin, Martin JHeslin, Martin JMobley, James AMobley, James AGreene, Michael WGreene, Michael WLipke, Elizabeth A and Lipke, Elizabeth A
Biofabrication, vol. 14, (no. 4), pp. 45001, 2022-10-01. | Journal Article
Plasma and fecal zonulin are not altered by a high green leafy vegetable dietary intervention: secondary analysis of a randomized control crossover trial
Riviere, Aaron JRiviere, Aaron JRiviere, A.J.Smith, Kristen SSmith, K.S.Smith, Kristen SSchaberg, Megan NSchaberg, M.N.Schaberg, Megan NGreene, Michael WGreene, M.W.Greene, Michael WFrugé, Andrew DFrugé, Andrew D and Frugé, A.D.
BMC gastroenterology, vol. 22, (no. 1), pp. 184, 2022-04-12. | Journal Article
Adherence to the Mediterranean Diet in a Portuguese Immigrant Community in the Central Valley of California
Couto, Roberto M.Frugé, Andrew D. and Greene, Michael W.
Nutrients, vol. 13, (no. 6), pp. 1989, 20210609. | Journal Article
Adipose tissue and insulin resistance in obese
Ahmed, BulbulSultana, Rifat and Greene, Michael W.
Biomedicine & pharmacotherapy, vol. 137, pp. 111315, May 2021. | Journal Article
Consensus molecular subtype differences linking colon adenocarcinoma and obesity revealed by a cohort transcriptomic analysis
Greene, Michael WAbraham, Peter TKuhlers, Peyton CLipke, Elizabeth AHeslin, Martin JWijaya, Stanley T and Odeniyi, Ifeoluwa
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Food security, obesity, and meat-derived carcinogen exposure in US adults
Dolan, L.Dolan, L.Dolan, LukeSmith, K.S.Smith, Kristen SheaSmith, K.S.Marlin, M.B.Marlin, M.B.Marlin, Michael BrettBell, Leonard N.Bell, L.N.Bell, L.N.Blythe, E.Blythe, EugeneBlythe, E.Greene, M.W.Greene, Michael W.Greene, M.W.Frugé, Andrew DandridgeFrugé, A.D. and Frugé, A.D.
Food and chemical toxicology, vol. 155, pp. 112412, September 2021. | Journal Article
Integrative Longitudinal Analysis of Metabolic Phenotype and Microbiota Changes During the Development of Obesity
Higgins, Keah V.Woodie, Lauren N.Hallowell, HaleyGreene, Michael W. and Schwartz, Elizabeth Hiltbold
Frontiers in cellular and infection microbiology, vol. 11, pp. 671926, 2021-08-03. | Journal Article
Negative Association Between Mediterranean Diet Adherence and COVID-19 Cases and Related Deaths in Spain and 23 OECD Countries: An Ecological Study
Greene, M.W.Greene, Michael WRoberts, A.P.Roberts, Alexis PFrugé, Andrew D and Frugé, A.D.
Frontiers in nutrition (Lausanne), vol. 8, pp. 591964, 2021-03-05. | Journal Article
The Systemic and Cellular Metabolic Phenotype of Infection and Immune Response to Listeria monocytogenes
Johnson, Robert MOlatunde, Adesola CWoodie, Lauren NGreene, Michael W and Schwartz, Elizabeth Hiltbold
Frontiers in immunology, vol. 11, pp. 614697, 2021-02-08. | Journal Article
Characterizing Demographic and Geographical Differences in Health Beliefs and Dietary Habits Related to Colon Cancer Risk in US Adults
Schaberg, M.N.Schaberg, MeganSmith, KristenSmith, K.S.Greene, M.W.Greene, MichaelFruge, Andrew and Frugé, A.D.
Frontiers in nutrition (Lausanne), vol. 7, pp. 568643, 2020-10-07. | Journal Article
Commentary: Nonalcoholic or metabolic dysfunction-associated fatty liver disease? The epidemic of the 21st century in search of the most appropriate name. Metabolism: clinical and experimental
. | Journal Article
The physio-metabolic effects of time-restricting liquid sugar intake to six-hour windows during the mouse active phase
Woodie, Lauren N.Neinast, Claire E.Haynes, WilliamAhmed, BulbulGraff, Emily C. and Greene, Michael W.
Physiology & behavior, vol. 223, pp. 112905, 2020-09-01. | Journal Article
Western diet-induced obesity disrupts the diurnal rhythmicity of hippocampal core clock gene expression in a mouse model. Brain, behavior, and immunity
. | Journal Article
Whole-slide image analysis outperforms micrograph acquisition for adipocyte size quantification
Maguire, Anne SWoodie, Lauren NJudd, Robert LMartin, Douglas RGreene, Michael W and Graff, Emily C
Adipocyte, vol. 9, (no. 1), pp. 575, 2020-01-01. | Journal Article
Development and Validation of the Dietary Habits and Colon Cancer Beliefs Survey (DHCCBS): An Instrument Assessing Health Beliefs Related to Red Meat and Green Leafy Vegetable Consumption. Journal of Oncology
Smith, K.S.Raney, S.V.Greene, M.W. and Frugé, A.D.
. | Journal Article
The effects of popular diets on type 2 diabetes management
Chester, BrittannieChester, BrittannieBabu, Jeganathan RameshBabu, Jeganathan RGreene, Michael WGreene, Michael W.Geetha, Thangiah and Geetha, Thangiah
Diabetes/metabolism research and reviews, vol. 35, (no. 8), pp. n/a, November 2019. | Journal Article
The Mediterranean Diet in the Stroke Belt: A Cross-Sectional Study on Adherence and Perceived Knowledge, Barriers, and Benefits
Knight, C.J.Knight, Caroline JKnight, Caroline JKnight, Caroline JJackson, O.Jackson, OliviaJackson, OliviaJackson, OliviaRahman, ImranRahman, I.Rahman, ImranRahman, ImranBurnett, Donna OBurnett, D.O.Burnett, Donna OBurnett, Donna OFrugé, Andrew DFrugé, A.D.Frugé, Andrew DFrugé, Andrew DGreene, M.W.Greene, Michael WGreene, Michael W and Greene, Michael W
Nutrients, vol. 11, (no. 8), pp. 1847, 2019-08-01. | Journal Article
The Metabolic Phenotype Associated with Mounting an Immune Response to a Systemic Infection of Listeria Monocytogenes (FS12-07-19)
Johnson, RobertOlatunde, AdesolaWoodie, LaurenGreene, Michael and Schwartz, Elizabeth
Current developments in nutrition, vol. 3, (no. Suppl 1), pp. nzz049.FS12-07-19, 2019-Jun. | Journal Article
The use of psychological methodologies in cardiovascular disease interventions promoting a Mediterranean style diet: A systematic review
Willis, A.W.Brown, O.N. and Greene, M.W.
Nutrition, Metabolism and Cardiovascular Diseases, vol. 29, pp. 325–333. | Journal Article