How an individual responds to environmental stress (e.g. social, physiological, nutritional, toxins) can affect how that individual behaves, its ability to reproduce, and its lifespan. My research integrates environmental variation, molecular networks, and life history to understand how organisms respond to their environment at the individual level (plasticity and acclimation) and how this response can evolve across populations and across species.

  • Evolution of Molecular Stress Response Networks
  • Maternal Effects / Epigenetics
  • Life History Trade-offs (i.e. reproduction, growth and aging)
  • Biology of Aging
  • Mitochondrial Energetics and Evolution
  • Population and Conservation genetics
Biological Science
PhD, Iowa State University, Genetics , 2012
MS, University of South Florida, Zoology , 2003
BS, Iowa State University, Zoology , 1998