The mission of the Schwartz Lab is to discover new knowledge of how environmental stressors regulate life history traits such as reproduction and longevity in natural animal populations, bridging the gap between evolutionary biology and biomedical research.

Research Topics:

  • Life History Traits and Trade-offs: Growth, Reproduction & Aging
  • Function and Evolution of the Insulin and Insulin-like Signaling Network 
  • Population & Functional Genomics of  Repeated Evolution of Small Body Size in Island Reptiles
  • Stress Response and Stress Resilience Within and across Generations
  • Evolution of Spillover Events
  • Development of Molecular Resources for Nontraditional Model organisms.


  • A new vertebrate model to study the role of growth factors IGF1 and IGF2in sex dimorphism of longevity and aging
  • Stress Resilience, Molecular Damage, and Fitness
  • Repeated Evolution of small body size in Island Reptiles Genetics, Physiology and Life History
  • Coevolution Effect of hosts and their parasites.

Subject areas:

  • Evolutionary Genetics & Systematics,
  • Physiological Adaptations and Functional Genomics.
Biological Science
PhD, Iowa State University, Genetics, 2012
MS, University of South Florida, Zoology, 2003
BS, Iowa State University, Zoology, 1998