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4β‐Hydroxycholesterol as an Endogenous Biomarker for CYP3A Activity: Literature Review and Critical Evaluation
Penzak, Scott R and Rojas‐Fernandez, Carlos
The Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, vol. 59, (no. 5), pp. 624, May 2019. | Journal Article
Midazolam Limited Sampling Strategy With a Population Pharmacokinetic Approach to Simultaneously Estimate Cytochrome P450 (CYP) 3A Constitutive, Inhibition, and Induction/Activation Conditions in Healthy Adults
Yang, JinchengNikanjam, MinaCapparelli, Edmund VTsunoda, Shirley MGreenberg, Howard EPenzak, Scott RStoch, S. AubreyBertino, Joseph SNafziger, Anne N and Ma, Joseph D
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Correction to: Long-Acting Injectable Second-Generation Antipsychotics: An Update and Comparison Between Agents
Jann, Michael and Penzak, Scott
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Midazolam Single Time Point Concentrations to Estimate Exposure and Cytochrome P450 (CYP) 3A Constitutive Activity Utilizing Limited Sampling Strategy With a Population Pharmacokinetic Approach
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Potential Influence of Centrally Acting Herbal Drugs on Transporters at the Blood-Cerebrospinal Fluid Barrier and Blood-Brain Barrier.
Kibathi, Lilian WBae, SoHyunPenzak, Scott R and Kumar, Parag
European journal of drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics, June 1, 2018. | Journal Article
Response to “Impact of CYP3A4 Genotype on Voriconazole Exposure: New Insights Into the Contribution of CYP3A422 to Metabolism of Voriconazole”
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Stability of isoniazid injection in i.v. solutions
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The Importance of Authentic Leadership to all Generations Represented within Academic Pharmacy.
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Clinical Pharmacogenetics Implementation Consortium (CPIC®) Guideline for CYP2C19 and Voriconazole Therapy
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Differential Influence of the Antiretroviral Pharmacokinetic Enhancers Ritonavir and Cobicistat on Intestinal P-Glycoprotein Transport and the Pharmacokinetic/Pharmacodynamic Disposition of Dabigatran
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Pharmacokinetic Drug Interactions with Panax ginseng
Ramanathan, MeenakshiRamanathan, MeenakshiPenzak, Scott and Penzak, Scott
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Antiretroviral Boosting Agent Cobicistat Increases the Pharmacokinetic Exposure and Anticoagulant Effect of Dabigatran in HIV-Negative Healthy Volunteers
Gordon, LoriKumar, ParagBrooks, KristinaKellogg, AnelaMcManus, MaryellenAlfaro, RaulNghiem, KhanhGeorge, JomyLozier, JayPenzak, Scott and Hadigan, Colleen
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Efavirenz but Not Atazanavir/Ritonavir Significantly Reduces Atovaquone Concentrations in HIV-Infected Subjects.
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Clinical infectious diseases : an official publication of the Infectious Diseases Society of America, vol. 62, (no. 8), pp. 1036-1042, April 15, 2016. | Journal Article
Lack of an Effect of Ritonavir Alone and Lopinavir‐Ritonavir on the Pharmacokinetics of Fenofibric Acid in Healthy Volunteers
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Pharmacokinetic Drug Interactions with Panax ginseng.
Ramanathan, Meenakshi R and Penzak, Scott R
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Part 1 - Coronary angiography with gadofosveset trisodium: a prospective feasibility study evaluating injection techniques for steady-state imaging
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Therapeutic Drug Monitoring and Genotypic Screening in the Clinical Use of Voriconazole
Moriyama, BradKadri, SameerHenning, StaceyDanner, RobertWalsh, Thomas and Penzak, Scott
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Emerging drugs and vaccines for candidemia.
Moriyama, BradGordon, Lori AMcCarthy, MatthewHenning, Stacey AWalsh, Thomas J and Penzak, Scott R
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Enhanced neonatal Fc receptor function improves protection against primate SHIV infection.
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HIV treatments reduce malaria liver stage burden in a non-human primate model of malaria infection at clinically relevant concentrations in vivo.
Hobbs, Charlotte VNeal, JillianConteh, SolomonDonnelly, LiamChen, JingyangMarsh, KennanLambert, LynnOrr-Gonzalez, SachyHinderer, JessicaHealy, SaraBorkowsky, WilliamPenzak, Scott RChakravarty, SumanaHoffman, Stephen L and Duffy, Patrick E
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Influence of Panax ginseng on the steady state pharmacokinetic profile of lopinavir-ritonavir in healthy volunteers.
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Integrating pharmacogenetic information and clinical decision support into the electronic health record.
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Neither the HIV protease inhibitor lopinavir-ritonavir nor the antimicrobial trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole prevent malaria relapse in plasmodium cynomolgi-infected non-human primates.
Hobbs, Charlotte VDixit, SaurabhPenzak, Scott RSahu, TejramOrr-Gonzalez, SachyLambert, LynnZeleski, KatieChen, JingyangNeal, JillianBorkowsky, WilliamWu, Yimin and Duffy, Patrick E
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Evaluation of partial area under the concentration time curve to estimate midazolam apparent oral clearance for cytochrome P450 3A phenotyping.
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Influence of low-dose ritonavir with and without darunavir on the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of inhaled beclomethasone.
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