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She examines educational policies and their implications for equity, diversity, and social justice through the lens of theater. Rooted in critical theories, her research focuses on intermediary organizations’ advocacy and the ensuing technocratic reforms. She also explores educators’ policy advocacy as they work towards more equitable and just education for all. 

I examine transformations in the work of teachers, teaching, and teacher education through the lens of equity, diversity, and social justice. My scholarship focuses on the circulation of policies and practices that seek to transform the teaching profession and the professional preparation it requires in various contexts around the world. In my studies, I analyze ideological contestations, cultural transformations, and political struggles in the midst of teacher education reforms.

Skills and Expertise

  • Educational Administration
  • Teacher Education
  • Curriculum
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Professional Development
  • Curriculum Development
  • Teaching
  • Pedagogy and Education
  • Educational Policy
  • Comparative Education

Keywords: Comparative and international education; Educational policy; Teacher education; Anthropology of education; globalization of educ


PhD, Michigan State University, Curriculum, Instruction and Teacher Education, 2015
MA, University of South Carolina, Linguistics, 2005
BA, Odessa National University, Ukraine, English, 2003