Research Interests:

  • Polymer synthesis, characterization and physics
  • Self-assembly of hierarchical soft matter
  • Semiconducting polymers
  • Polymeric membranes
  • In situ reaction kinetics and transport monitoring

Skills and Expertise:

  • Polymerization
  • Polymeric Materials
  • Polymer Science
  • Polymer Engineering
  • Material Characterization
  • Nanomaterials
  • DSC
  • Thermal Analysis
  • Polymer Synthesis
  • Polymers

My research group endeavors to combine synthetic polymer chemistry with materials characterization to inform the design of novel polymer materials for target applications.


  • Polymer Synthesis
    • Living Polymerization
  • Membrane Materials and Characterization

  • Conjugated Polymers: Polythiophenes

  • Polymer Additive Manufacturing


Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, Samuel Ginn College of Engineering, Auburn University
2016 - present

Affiliate, Joint Center for Artificial Photosynthesis, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
2016 - present

Affiliate Faculty, Center for Polymers and Advanced Composites, Auburn University

Chemical Engineering
PhD, Princeton University, Chemical and Materials Engineering, 2013
MA, Princeton University, Chemical Engineering, 2009
BS, Clarkson University, Chemical Engineering, 2007
American Chemical Society
American Institute of Chemical Engineers
American Physical Society