Specializing in a broadly conceived tradition of epic poetry (beginnings to the present), he has a similarly eclectic range of research and teaching interests, both theoretical (gender, orality studies, narrative and genre theory) and literary (comparative, medieval, twentieth-century, and the writing of poetry).

Subject areas: Poetry; Poetics; The Epic; Women's and Gender Studies; Criticism and Theory

The working title of his next scholarly project is Local Heroes, which promises a study of American local, state, and regional epic.

Current Research Projects:

  • Local Heroes, a study of American regional epic
  • Baal, a new translation and edition of the Canaanite epic
  • HyperEpos, the most comprehensive collection of links to epic texts, resources, and materials on the Web
  • Piping the Epic, a data mashup which draws news and information on epic from around the Internet

Current Projects in Poetry:

  • Kudzu Harp, currently seeking a publisher
  • The Invisible Child (from a manuscript in progress)
  • A sample of published work
Past Affiliations
Women's Studies, English
PhD, University of Wisconsin–Madison, English, 1991
MA, University of Wisconsin–Madison, English, 1985
AB, University of Chicago, English, 1983
poetic language or literature creative writing poetry gender issues
English, English, Old, French, German, Greek, Latin, Russian
Alabama Writers' Forum
Associated Writing Programs
Modern Language Association of America
National Council of Teachers of English
National Federation of State Poetry Societies