My research group studies microbial processes that are important to environmental quality and soil productivity. One area of research focuses on the environmental fate and impact of organic pollutants and other emerging contaminants in soil and water.

Another area of research is to assess the role of soil microbial communities in maintaining soil productivity in agricultural and forestry ecosystems.

A third area of research is bacterial source tracking of fecal contamination in surface waters.

Subject Area: Soil Microbiology

Her lab  studies soil microbial community structure in agricultural and forest ecosystems, symbiotic nitrogen fixation in legume crops, microbial degradation of organic pollutants, and microbial water quality. 

Environmental Science, Agronomy
PhD, Pennsylvania State University, Soil Microbiology and Biochemistry, 1995
MS, Pennsylvania State University, Soil Microbiology and Biochemistry, 1991
BS, Beijing Agricultural University, China, Soil and Agricultural Chemistry, 1987
soil sciences microbiology biodegradation bioremediation
Chinese, Mandarin, English
American Chemical Society
American Society for Microbiology
International Society of Microbial Ecology
Soil Science Society of America