Public understanding of biotechnology and associated bioethical issues.

Research interest is insect and fish oogenesis and early embryogenesis, especially vitellogenesis and metabolic fate of yolk protein during embryogenesis. Public understanding of biotechnology and associated bioethical issues. Cell/molecular and developmental biology.
Insect oogenesis and embryogenesis.

Director, Human Odyssey Program, Auburn University, 1995 Bioethics, Biotechnology, Developmental Biology, Genethics My research into the ethical use of biotecnology has relevance for development of human genetic engineering applications, clinical applications of human embryonic stem cell technology, human cloning technology, and assisted reproduction technologies. Promoting the public understanding of biotechnologies including human cloning, embryonic stem cell research and use, human cell genetic engineering, transgenic organisms, neuropharmacology, and extension of human life. Aiding the public understanding of the ethical issues raised by 21st century biotechnologies.

I am writing books on biotechnology and bioethics appropriate for lay public and for undergraduate capstone course.
Past Affiliations

Professor, Department of Biological Sciences, College of Sciences and Mathematics, Auburn University

W. Kelly Mosley Professor, Science and Humanities, Auburn University

Director, Human Odyssey Program (Interdisciplinary), Auburn University

Biological Science
Georgetown University, Bioethics, 2003
PhD, University of Washington, Cell and Developmental Biology, 1976
wildlife bioethics biotechnology cell & developmental biology zoology
English, Italian

W. Kelly Mosley Professor of Science and Humanities (Interdisciplinary), John and Mary Franklin Foundation (Auburn University), 2003

Academic Freedom Award, AAUP, Auburn University Chapter, 2002

Chair, University Senate and Faculty, Auburn University, 2001-2002

College of Science and Mathematics Outstanding Teacher Award, Auburn University, 2000

Auburn Alumni Association Undergraduate Teaching Excellence Award (Undergraduate and graduate teaching), Auburn Univrsity Alumni Association, 1999-2000

Alabama Academy of Science
American Association for the Advancement of Science
American Society for Cell Biology
Joseph and Rose Kennedy Institute of Ethics