My research focuses primarily on reproductive physiology. Projects are directed to expand our knowledge of regulation of ovarian function as it relates to estrous cycle length and maintenance of early pregnancy. An additional interest is developing an appropriate animal model for investigation of differential gene expression in ovarian cancer. Lastly, we have projects designed to identify the mechanism(s) by which exposure to environmental estrogens can lead to infertility in males. We also have an applied aspect to our research. Projects relating to more practical applications include storage of sperm at ambient temperature, and developing reversible contraception in pet and wild animal populations.

Keywords: Physiology

Past Affiliations

Associate Professor, Department of Anatomy, Physiology and Pharmacology, College of Veterinary Medicine, Auburn University

Assistant Professor, Department of Zoology, College of Arts and Sciences, Oklahoma State University - Stillwater (past)

Pharmacology, Physiology, Human Anatomy
PhD, Colorado State University, Reproductive Physiology, 1987
BS, Oklahoma State University, Physiological Sciences
animal drugs animal physiology or morphology veterinary medicine reproductive endocrinology reproductive physiology anatomy zoology
Society for the Study of Reproduction