Research Interests: Molecular virology, viral diseases of poultry, chicken anemia virus, infectious bronchitis virus, host/viral interactions, effect of immunosuppressive viruses on pathogenesis of other infectious agents, viral variation, host selection of viral variants, and infectious bronchitis virus vaccines

The general areas of research interest of our laboratory include avian viral diseases and host/pathogen interaction at both the cellular and organismal levels.

We are currently focusing on host selection of infectious bronchitis virus (IBV) vaccine subpopulations and interactions of IBV spike proteins with host receptors.

Veterinary Medicine
PhD, University of Chicago, Immunology, 1982
viral diseases of poultry chicken anemia virus infectious bronchitis virus host/viral interactions spike protein host selection of viral variants infectious bronchitis virus vaccines chickens molecular virology
English, German
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American Association of Avian Pathologists
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