1. Environmental signal transduction: This area focuses on how an environmental signal can result in selective gene activation, using salinity-mediated induction of carbonic anhydrase expression in the gills of euryhaline organisms as a model experimental system.
  2. Environmental toxicology: We have recently initiated a study on the effects of heavy metals on carbonic anhydrase activity, the enzyme's physiological role in ion transport and regulation, and its expression in euryhaline crustaceans.
  3. Bimodal breathing: This is an ongoing project studying the transition from gill to lung breathing in amphibious crustaceans, the mechanisms of respiratory gas exchange and acid-base balance in water and air, and the control of ventilation.

Research and Teaching Interests:

  • Comparative physiology.
  • Function of carbonic anhydrase.
Biological Science
PhD, University of Texas at Austin
biological sciences