My laboratory investigates the regulatory mechanisms that control the expression and function of genes that control a cell's ability to proliferate. We are applying the knowledge gained from these investigations to better understand the mechanisms by which cancer cells evade the normal restrictions on proliferation that limit the growth of normal cells. These investigations have allowed us to design strategies for the inhibition of cancer cell proliferation through direct suppression of oncogene expression, induction of tumor suppressor gene expression and through gene therapy and modification of the immune response by recombinant autologous hybrid-dendritic cell fusion vaccine development.

We are investigating these processes in cancer cells primarily derived from breast/mammary cancer, lymphoma and malignant melanoma in canine and human models. The principle system we study is malignant canine mammary carcinoma because this cancer provides an excellent model of human disease allowing the translation of technologies between species.

Subject Area(s): Molecular Biology and Cancer Genetics

PhD, University of Toronto, Canada, Zoology, 1982
BS, McMaster University, Canada, Biology, 1977