Enebak is an expert in forest pathology, mycology, forest regeneration and forest-seedling production systems.

Research Interests: Southern Piedmont grassland community structure and functioning under future climate scenarios of elevated tropospheric ozone and altered rainfall amounts; Quantifying urban forest structure, functioning and economic value in a small, expanding southern metropolis.

Research Interests: Currently researching various biological and alternative disease control treatments for fungal diseases of forest and shade trees. Primary area of interest is the use of soluble silicon as a therapeutic and prophylactic disease control treatment in forest-tree nurseries as well as biocontrol of soil-borne pathogens in forest tree nurseries. Another area of research interests includes the use of Plant Growth-Promoting Rhizobacteria (PGPR) for disease control and growth promotion in forest tree nurseries as well as increasing outplanting survival.

Subject areas:

  • Forest Biology and Ecology
  • Forestry
Past Affiliations

Associate Professor, Forest Biology and Ecology

Director, School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences, Auburn University

Wildlife and Wetlands Science, Forestry
PhD, West Virginia University, Plant Pathology, 1992
MS, University of Minnesota, Plant Pathology, 1988
BS, University of Minnesota, Forestry and Silviculture, 1984
forestry and woodlands