Sensory physiology, receptors, cancer cells, biosensors, cell membranes, monolayers and bilayers, molecular recognition, olfactory receptor neurons, nanoparticles, biopolymers, bacteriophages, primo-vascular system, and light microscopy. The major research aims are to determine the initial chemoreceptive events in the animal olfactory system and to find out how is odorant information translated into electrical events in the olfactory receptor. The work involves zinc metal nanoparticles that we found strongly enhance olfactory sensory neuron responses to odorants. Another focus of our research is centered in structural properties of primo nodes, vessels, and capillaries that are being characterized by a high resolution light microscopy. We presume that knowledge of the primo vascular system, that may represent acupuncture meridians, offers advances in medical science comparable to the progress generated by the lymphatic system’s discovery. We also work with a novel cell preservation process and biopolymer which is non-toxic, water-soluble, allows for the storage of samples without refrigeration. Finally, we are developing biosensors that are based on bacteriophages targeting pathogenic bacteria.

Past Affiliations

Alumni Professor, Department of Anatomy, Physiology and Pharmacology, College of Veterinary Medicine, Auburn University

Senior Scientist, Veterinary Sports Medicine

Pharmacology, Physiology, Human Anatomy, Veterinary Medicine
PhD, Agrophysical Research Institute, Russia, Biophysics, 1973
MS, Moscow Physical Engineering Institute, Russia, Physics, 1964
animal drugs animal physiology or morphology veterinary medicine olfaction or smell pharmacology membranes proteins and macromolecules receptors anatomy physiology biosensors membrane transport sensory physiology biophysics microscopy
English, Russian

Vitaly Vodyanoy, R&D Magazine

Pfizer Award for Research Excellence, Pfizer, 2000

American Association for the Advancement of Science
American Physical Society
American Society for Cell Biology
Biophysical Society
Society for Neuroscience