3 Grants
MRI: Acquisition of a three-dimensional X-ray imaging system (microCT) supporting multiple users, research, and education through a central facility
Moore, JaymaPayne, Scott and Greenlee, Kendra
National Science Foundation (NSF), Directorate for Biological Sciences, Division of Biological Infrastructure (ID: 1229417), $482,807USD, 08/01/2012 -- 07/31/2015
MRI: Acquisition of an Analytical Field-Emission Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) for Multipurpose Imaging, microanalysis, and education
Moore, JaymaPayne, Scott and Katti, Kalpana
National Science Foundation (NSF), Directorate for Mathematical & Physical Sciences, Division of Materials Research (ID: 0923354), $566,997USD, 10/01/2009 -- 09/30/2012
MRI: Acquisition of a Multipurpose Analytical High-Resolution Transmission Electron Microscope for Research and Education in NDSU's Central Multi-User Microscopy Facility
Katti, KalpanaMoore, Jayma and Payne, Scott
National Science Foundation (NSF), Directorate for Engineering, Civil, Mechanical and Manufacturing Innovation (ID: 0821655), $673,234USD, 08/01/2008 -- 07/31/2011