Food Chemistry and Ingredient Technology
The primary objective of the Food Biopolymer and Ingredient Research Group is to identify the structure and functional properties of food biopolymers mainly from plant-based sources and their applications in food. The group’s major field of study includes: (i) Development of novel encapsulation and delivery systems to incorporate soluble dietary fiber, plant protein, bioactive nutrients and nutraceuticals into food products to exert enhanced health benefits; (ii) Development of structural design approaches to improve the stability and performance of plant-based ingredients; (iii) Determination of the impact of the plant-based ingredients on the physicochemical and sensory properties of food products. The group integrates techniques from the fields of food science, cereal science, material science, and nanotechnology to bring added value to plant-based ingredients.

Food Science and Technology, Agriculture, Natural Science
PhD, University of Massachusetts Amherst, Food Science, 2013
MS, ChongQing University, China, Pharmacochemistry, 2005
BS, Sichuan University of Science and Engineering, China, Food Science and Technology, 2002
nutraceuticals soluble dietary fiber plant protein bioactive nutrients plant or soil nutrient bioavailability food analysis food chemistry food engineering dietary foods plant nutrition biopolymeric materials