Dr. Brooks' current research interests lie in developing: 1) antimicrobial biomaterial surfaces via a variety of molecular and chemical techniques as well as development of novel controlled antibiotic release strategies to combat the emerging problem of antibiotic drug resistance, 2) combination hemocompatible, antimicrobial biomaterial surface coating, and 3) novel combination polymers for advanced drug delivery.  As Brooks previous work focused on using recombinant protein technology to manipulate structure activity relationships, specifically for structural proteins, molecular engineering of biomimetic, biocompatible polymers based on spider silk proteins will be used as a platform to incorporate chemically and biologically reactive function groups.  

PhD, University of Wyoming, Molecular Biology, 2006
BS, University of Utah, Biology, Genetic Engineering, 1998
microfluidics bioengineering tissue engineering drug delivery systems biomedical materials drug resistance biological polymers drug resistance biomimetics biopolymeric materials