My research at Sidney centers on biocontrol of grasshoppers on U.S. rangeland, as well as continuation of older research on management of soil dwelling insect pests of various crops, including sugar beets and corn. My grasshopper work concerns evaluating new technologies and new insect pathogenic fungi for the microbial control of grasshoppers, in close collaboration with USDA APHIS CPHST. This research includes identification of baits, and chemical synergists, as well as new, better fungi and other microorganisms, and taking such technologies from the lab bench to the field. In the process I have created small scale solid substrate mass production systems based on my industrial experience which not only allows Kg amounts of fungus spores for testing, but also to provide technical advice about such technology worldwide. As a side project I am studying the population genetics of Beauveria bassiana derived from grasshoppers using molecular techniques and comparing the molecular data with other phenotypical charactersitics of the more than 400 Beauveria isolates. My soil insect-targeted research is directed towards developing a practical mycoinsecticide, based on discovery of Metarhizium microsclerotia, that can be transferred to industry for commercialization for use against soil pest insects (sugarbeet root maggot, cabbage maggot, corn rootworm). The sugarbeet research is within the larger context of a biologically based management system for both pests and pathogens, using microorganisms, cultural practices, resistant/tolerant hybrids, and induced systemic response.


Adjunct Faculty, Department of Entomology, School of Natural Resource Sciences, College of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Natural Resources, North Dakota State University

Pest Management Research Unit, Northern Plains Agricultural Research Laboratory, Sidney, Montana, Agricultural Research Service (ARS) - Northern Plains Area, Research Education and Economics, United States Department of Agriculture

Past Affiliations

Senior Scientist, then Manager Biopesticide R&D, Myctech Corporation, Butte MT
1992 - 2000

Developmnetal Scientist, Chemical & Agricultural Products Division
1984 - 1992

Postdoctoral Associate, Entomology, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, North Carolina State University (past)
1980 - 1983

Postdoctoral Fellow, Entomology
1978 - 1980

Entomology, Entomology
PhD, Cornell University, Entomology, 1978
MS, Cornell University, Parasitology, 1972
BS, Manhattan College, Biology, 1969
pest management entomology
French, Polish

Postdoctoral Associateship (Insect Pathology), National Research Council (Walter Reed Army Institute of Research), 1978-1980

Award for Scientific Excellence, Sigma Xi (Manhattan College), 1969

Entomological Society of America
International Organization for Biological Control
Mycological Society of America
Society for Invertebrate Pathology