21 Grants
A Simulation Model of Dock Bays in a Hospital
Mahalingam, Ganapathy and Hanson, Shannon
Hks, Inc. (ID: FAR0025358), $2,510USD, 09/16/2015 -- 12/15/2015
A Study in the Adaptive Reuse of a Medium Sized Building in a Blighted Urban Area to Create a Vibrant Node
Mahalingam, Ganapathy and Armendariz, Pedro
Klai Juba Wald Architects (ID: FAR0025359), $2,510USD, 09/16/2015 -- 12/15/2015
Integrating an ArchiCAD Model with Cost Estimating
Mahalingam, Ganapathy and Gram, Ryan
Levi + Wong Design Associates (ID: FAR0025360), $2,510USD, 09/16/2015 -- 12/15/2015
Integrating Cost Estimating in BIM
Mahalingam, Ganapathy and Vang, Hue C
R. L. Engebretson Holding, Inc. (ID: FAR0025356), $2,510USD, 09/16/2015 -- 12/15/2015
Integration of ArchiCAD Model with Specifications
Mahalingam, Ganapathy and Gram, Ryan
Levi + Wong Design Associates (ID: FAR0025357), $2,510USD, 09/16/2015 -- 05/31/2016
Integration of Uniformat to Masterspec Mapping Database with e-Specs Using the Binding Manager
Mahalingam, Ganapathy
R. L. Engebretson Holding, Inc. (ID: FAR0024244), $2,077USD, 02/01/2015 -- 05/31/2015
Methodology for Studying IEQ Impact as a Design Tool
Mahalingam, Ganapathy and Fadley, Alicia
Lhb, Inc. (ID: FAR0025361), $2,510USD, 09/16/2015 -- 12/15/2015
Daylight and Energy Analysis of Groat Point Project
Mahalingam, Ganapathy and Watters, Jennifer
Kristi Hanson Architects, Inc. (ID: FAR0023598), $2,400USD, 09/01/2014 -- 12/31/2014
Flexibility and Adaptability in Modern Office Environments
Mahalingam, Ganapathy and Schrader, Alexandra
Bwbr (ID: FAR0023583), $2,400USD, 09/01/2014 -- 12/31/2014
Implementation of BIM Integration in Practice
Mahalingam, Ganapathy and Muckenhirn, Joshua
R. L. Engebretson Holding, Inc. (ID: FAR0022507), $2,064USD, 01/15/2014 -- 05/14/2014
Mapping Uniformat Assembly Codes onto MasterSpec Specification Sections
Mahalingam, Ganapathy and Donnelly, Joshua
R. L. Engebretson Holding, Inc. (ID: FAR0023618), $2,400USD, 09/01/2014 -- 12/31/2014
Spatial Study of Alzheimer's and Dementia Patients Treatment Units to Maximize Sensor Coverage
Mahalingam, Ganapathy and Halvorson, Timothy
Klai Juba Architects (ID: FAR0023117), $2,500USD, 09/01/2014 -- 12/31/2014
Study in using the AnyLogic software for Analyzing the Spatial Arrangement of the Surgery Center and Clinic in an Ambulatory Care Center in Ogden, Utah
Mahalingam, Ganapathy and Bednar, Greg
Hks, Inc. (ID: FAR0023575), $2,400USD, 09/01/2014 -- 12/31/2014
Study of Wind Pressure Distribution on Skylights
Mahalingam, Ganapathy and Klindworth, Amy
R. L. Engebretson Holding, Inc. (ID: FAR0023573), $2,400USD, 09/01/2014 -- 12/31/2014
Construction Scheduling of a BIM Model
Mahalingam, Ganapathy and Weiss, Matthew
Kristi Hanson Architects, Inc. (ID: FAR0022080), $1,650USD, 08/28/2013 -- 12/20/2013
Implications of Changes in the Energy Code
Mahalingam, Ganapathy and Fagerland, Leah
Bwbr (ID: FAR0022077), $1,650USD, 08/28/2013 -- 12/20/2013
Integration of LEED Performance Criteria in BIM Models
Mahalaingam, Ganapathy and Lawman, Jakob
R. L. Engebretson Holding, Inc. (ID: FAR0022068), $1,650USD, 08/28/2013 -- 12/20/2013
Study of Collaboration in Higher Education
Mahalingam, Ganapathy and Dunham, Matthew
Bwbr (ID: FAR0022078), $1,650USD, 08/28/2013 -- 12/20/2013
Study of Integrated BIM Models
Mahalingam, Ganapathy and Muckenhirn, Joshua
R. L. Engebretson Holding, Inc. (ID: FAR0022069), $1,650USD, 08/28/2013 -- 12/20/2013
Implementation of BIM in an Architectural Firm
Mahalingam, Ganapathy
National Council Of Architectural Registration Boards (ID: FAR0012467), $4,000USD, 01/01/2007 -- 12/31/2007
Acquisition of Networked Imaging Cluster for Characterization, Analysis, and Visualization of Materials, Processes, and Engineering Structures
Ebeling, KennethAbudayyeh, OsamaJoshi, GhanashyamMahalingam, Ganapathy and Abdelqader, Ikhlas
National Science Foundation (NSF), Directorate for Engineering, Civil, Mechanical and Manufacturing Innovation (ID: 9512547), $288,640USD, 09/01/1995 -- 08/31/2000