Modeling architectural entities as computers
Modeling architectural entities as networks
Performance simulations of architectural designs (daylighting, CFD)
Creation of architectural apps for iOS and Android platforms
Design of acoustic environments: the algorithmic auditorium
Integrated BIM systems for architectural practice
Integrated design and decision-making strategies in CAAD
Visual literacy
Visual thinking and visual reasoning applications
Programming languages for architectural design
Participatory architectural design systems
Networked computing environments for collaborative design
Architectonics of Music
Architecture of India
Philosophy of India
The phenomenon of change

Research Interests include:

Computational modeling of the built environment in all its aspects, modeling architectural entities as virtual computers, design of acoustic environments, integrated BIM systems for architectural practice, integrated design/decision-making strategies in computer-aided architectural design, participatory architectural design systems, Virtual Reality, networked computing environments for collaborative design, Visual Literacy, visual thinking applications in computer-aided architectural design, computer-based design education systems, spatial analysis using geographic information systems, digital simulation of the built environment.

Current Research Areas: The development of design systems for architectural design, the functional modeling of spatial enclosures, auditorium acoustics and design, energy modeling of built environments, integrated BIM systems for architectural practice, the digital simulation of the built environment from rooms to individual buildings to neighborhoods and cities, multimedia courseware development for computer-aided design, visual literacy and basic design.

Software Development: I am well-versed in computer programming using the Smalltalk object-oriented programming language and the VisualWorks programming environment that allows me to create software for the Windows, Macintosh and Linux platforms. In addition I have expertise in creating apps for the Android, iOS and Blackberry platforms. My research in the computational modeling of architectural entities and processes has direct relevance for developers of software tools for architectural design and practice. I am also interested in developing software for the design professions commercially through my software company, Digital Design Solutions, based in Fargo, North Dakota.
Acoustical Design of Spaces: I am well-versed in creating computer-based models of spatial enclosures, simulating the sound propagation in those enclosures, and using the process of "auralization" to simulate the acoustical conditions in the enclosures using sound samples. The software that I use is EASE.
Architectural Visualization: I am well-versed in the "visualization" of architecture by creating 3D models and animations on the computer using software such as Revit, form.Z, bonZai 3d, 3D Studio, Maya and Maxwell Render.
BIM Systems Integration: I am well-versed in developing workflows for integrated BIM systems for architectural practice using Revit, e-Specs, Assemble and RS Means. In the past decade, I have worked with R. L. Engebretson Co., a full-service architectural firm based in Fargo, North Dakota, on the integration of BIM systems in their practice.

I am currently working on preliminary research and development in using ultra-small sensor + actuator systems for controlling environmental performance criteria in spatial enclosures. I am also exploring the use of computational modeling techniques such as complex adaptive systems, connectionist models, genetic algorithms, and cellular automata to model architectural entities.  

Landscape Architecture
PhD, University of Florida, Architecture, 1995
MArch, Iowa State University, 1986
BArch, University of Madras, India, 1984
bim systems integration architectural apps architectural software auditorium design computational modeling for design building performance simulation acoustical simulation of spaces discrete event simulation for architecture cfd simulations for architecture architecture architectural design computer aided design--cad object-oriented computing
English, Hindi, Sanskrit, Tamil

President, Association for Computer-Aided Design in Architecture (ACADIA), 2001-2003

American Society for Engineering Education
Association for Computer-aided Design in Architecture
Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture