• CondensedĀ matter physics; computational physics, chemistry, materials scienceĀ 
  • Atomic and electronic structure; thermodynamics and kinetics of materials
  • First-principles theory of defects and doping in complex functional materials
  • Modeling of materials for energy applications, magnetism, (opto)electronics
  • Training and consulting in advanced research computing
Past Affiliations

Research Scientist, Center for Computationally-Assisted Science and Technology, Division of Information Technology, North Dakota State University

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Center for Computational Materials Science, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (past)

Postdoctoral Scholar, Materials Department, College of Engineering, University of California, Santa Barbara (past)

Physics, Computer Science
PhD, Michigan State University, Physics, 2007
photovoltaics electrochemistry computational chemistry solid state chemistry computer simulation or modeling high performance computing computer modeling semiconductors solid state physics computational physics electronic structure optoelectronics electronic materials fuel cells photovoltaic materials condensed matter physics batteries advanced research computing electrical energy storage hydrogen storage thermoelectrics computational materials science
American Physical Society, Materials Research Society, Sigma Xi