Work in my laboratory will focus on using a systems biology approach to solve current food safety problems related to pathogen survival and growth in the farm environment, in food processing environments, and on foods, even in the face of preventative measures. This includes understanding: i) how stresses encountered during transmission can effect survival and virulence of foodborne pathogens once ingested, and ii) if these stress resistance capabilities play a role in the prevalence of specific subtypes of foodborne pathogens in cases of human disease. Long-term research goals are to understand the molecular mechanisms of stress response in foodborne pathogens and the role these responses play in pathogenesis, as well as to understand how these stress response functions vary with genetic diversity within a pathogen population and may be related to subtype prevalence.

Molecular Biology, Veterinary Medicine, Veterinary Microbiology, Microbiology, Agriculture
PhD, Michigan State University, Food Science, 2007