High Performance Computing (HPC) capabilities and strengthening computation infrastructure.

Use of computational tools in the areas of energy, materials, environment, security, health, and in other areas of national priority.

Theoretical condensed matter physics

Worked on first-principles computational extensions to the Gordon-Kim rigid-ion electron-gas model applied to lattice dynamics and phase transitions in complex ionic solids.

Electronic, structural, elastic, and vibrational properties of complex oxides.

Interest in Bakken - North Dakota

Past Affiliations

Director, Center for Computationally-Assisted Science and Technology, Division of Research and Creative Activity, North Dakota State University

Computer and Information Technology Institute, Rice University (past)

Computer Science
PhD, University of Nebraska at Lincoln, Physics, 1998
cyberinfrastructure computational linguistics computational fluid dynamics computational mechanics data management or analysis (medical) computational biology computational neuroscience computational chemistry data analysis data processing computer simulation or modeling computer algorithms data systems high performance computing computer modeling data mining data fusion information or data centers data compression spatial data or analysis mathematical models computational mathematics optimization computational physics technology planning or policy