Dr. Shetty's research interests focus on the critical role of cellular and metabolic basis of oxygen biology for advancing new innovations in life sciences and especially agricultural and food innovations that advance global food security and health in a sustainable environment. This focus is contributing to very innovative advances in the areas of crops for health, post-harvest biology, nutraceuticals, functional foods and food antimicrobial strategies as critical innovations to advance food security in addition to malnutrition and hunger challenges. In particular, he has developed an innovative “crops for health” research platform to counter diet-linked chronic diseases. The rationale of this platform has relevance for managing malnutrition challenges from maternal to child health needs globally. Food biotechnology; Design of phenolic phytochemicals for functional foods & mechanism of chemoprevention by phenolics through redox-modulated biochemical pathways. Role of Proline-Linked Pentose-Phosphate Pathway (PLPPP) in Phenolic Phytochemical Biosynthesis and Mechanism of Action for Human Health and Environmental Applications

Concept for Biotechnology and Metabolic Biology of Functional Foods:


  1. Dietary Phenolic Antimicrobials and Inhibition of Helicobacter pylori and Food-Borne Bacterial Pathogens
  2. Functional Food-Relevant Phenolic Phytochemicals for Type 2 Diabetes & Hypertension Management
  3. Biochemical Enrichment of Phenolic Phytochemicals for Cognition and Aging-Related Diseases
  4. Breast Cancer Chemoprevention Research Collaboration
  5. Mechanism of Action of Phenolic Phytochemicals
  6. Phenolic Phytochemicals and Environmental Adaptation of Plants


  • Metabolic biology of crops for functional foods and bioactives
  • Global food systems biology concepts to combat diet-linked chronic diseases and advancing food security strategies
  • Food diversity and indigenous food systems to combat diet-linked chronic diseases and advance global food security
  • Environmental impact on chronic diseases & nutritional solutions using stress adapted crop food systems
  • Metabolic biology of stress adaptation of crops for climate change & role of redox biology
Past Affiliations

Professor, Environmental Sciences Program, Department of Environmental Conservation, College of Natural Sciences, University of Massachusetts Amherst (past)

Professor, Food Science, College of Natural Sciences, University of Massachusetts Amherst (past)

Agronomy, Botany, Food Science and Technology, Agriculture, Natural Science, Agriculture
PhD, University of Idaho, Microbiology, 1989
MS, University of Idaho, Bacteriology, 1985
BS, University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore, Agricultural Science, 1983
BS, University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore, India, Agricultural Science, 1983