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Alcohol Rehabilitation Within 30 Days of Hospital Discharge Is Associated With Reduced Readmission, Relapse, and Death in Patients With Alcoholic Hepatitis
Peeraphatdit, Thoetchai (Bee)Peeraphatdit, Thoetchai (Bee)Kamath, Patrick SKamath, Patrick SKarpyak, Victor MKarpyak, Victor MDavis, BrianDavis, BrianDesai, VivekDesai, VivekLiangpunsakul, SuthatLiangpunsakul, SuthatSanyal, ArunSanyal, ArunChalasani, NagaChalasani, NagaShah, Vijay HShah, Vijay HSimonetto, Douglas A and Simonetto, Douglas A
Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology, vol. 18, (no. 2), pp. 485.e5, February 2020. | Journal Article
Attacking Alcohol-Related Liver Disease by Taxing Alcohol Sales.
Tapper, Elliot BParikh, Neehar D and Liangpunsakul, Suthat
Alcoholism, clinical and experimental research, November 9, 2020. | Journal Article
Blockade of IL-17 signaling reverses alcohol-induced liver injury and excessive alcohol drinking in mice
Xu, JunXu, JunXu, JunXu, JunMa, Hsiao-YenMa, Hsiao-YenMa, Hsiao-YenMa, Hsiao-YenLiu, XiaoLiu, XiaoLiu, XiaoLiu, XiaoRosenthal, SaraRosenthal, SaraRosenthal, SaraRosenthal, SaraBaglieri, JacopoBaglieri, JacopoBaglieri, JacopoBaglieri, JacopoMcCubbin, RyanMcCubbin, RyanMcCubbin, RyanMcCubbin, RyanSun, MengxiSun, MengxiSun, MengxiSun, MengxiKoyama, YukinoriKoyama, YukinoriKoyama, YukinoriKoyama, YukinoriGeoffroy, Cedric GGeoffroy, Cedric GGeoffroy, Cedric GGeoffroy, Cedric GSaijo, KaoruSaijo, KaoruSaijo, KaoruSaijo, KaoruShang, LinshanShang, LinshanShang, LinshanShang, LinshanNishio, TakahiroNishio, TakahiroNishio, TakahiroNishio, TakahiroMaricic, IgorMaricic, IgorMaricic, IgorMaricic, IgorKreifeldt, MaxKreifeldt, MaxKreifeldt, MaxKreifeldt, MaxKusumanchi, PraveenKusumanchi, PraveenKusumanchi, PraveenKusumanchi, PraveenRoberts, AmandaRoberts, AmandaRoberts, AmandaRoberts, AmandaZheng, BinhaiZheng, BinhaiZheng, BinhaiZheng, BinhaiKumar, VipinKumar, VipinKumar, VipinKumar, VipinZengler, KarstenZengler, KarstenZengler, KarstenZengler, KarstenPizzo, Donald PPizzo, Donald PPizzo, Donald PPizzo, Donald PHosseini, MojganHosseini, MojganHosseini, MojganHosseini, MojganContet, CandiceContet, CandiceContet, CandiceContet, CandiceGlass, Christopher KGlass, Christopher KGlass, Christopher KGlass, Christopher KLiangpunsakul, SuthatLiangpunsakul, SuthatLiangpunsakul, SuthatLiangpunsakul, SuthatTsukamoto, HidekazuTsukamoto, HidekazuTsukamoto, HidekazuTsukamoto, HidekazuGao, BinGao, BinGao, BinGao, BinKarin, MichaelKarin, MichaelKarin, MichaelKarin, MichaelBrenner, David ABrenner, David ABrenner, David ABrenner, David AKoob, George FKoob, George FKoob, George FKoob, George FKisseleva, TatianaKisseleva, TatianaKisseleva, Tatiana and Kisseleva, Tatiana
JCI insight, vol. 5, (no. 3), 2020-Feb-13. | Journal Article
Critical Role of microRNA-21 in the Pathogenesis of Liver Diseases
Zhang, TingZhang, TingYang, ZhihongYang, ZhihongKusumanchi, PraveenKusumanchi, PraveenHan, SenHan, SenLiangpunsakul, Suthat and Liangpunsakul, Suthat
Frontiers in medicine, vol. 7, pp. 7, 2020-00-00. | Journal Article
Downregulation of p16 decreases biliary damage and liver fibrosis in the Mdr2-/- mouse model of primary sclerosing cholangitis
Kyritsi, KonstantinaKyritsi, KonstantinaKyritsi, KonstantinaKyritsi, KonstantinaFrancis, HeatherFrancis, HeatherFrancis, HeatherFrancis, HeatherZhou, TianhaoZhou, TianhaoZhou, TianhaoZhou, TianhaoCeci, LudovicaCeci, LudovicaCeci, LudovicaCeci, LudovicaWu, NanWu, NanWu, NanWu, NanYang, ZhihongYhang, ZhihongYhang, ZhihongYang, ZhihongMeng, FanyinMeng, FanyinMeng, FanyinMeng, FanyinChen, LixianChen, LixianChen, LixianChen, LixianBaiocchi, LeonardoBaiocchi, LeonardoBaiocchi, LeonardoBaiocchi, LeonardoKundu, DebjyotiKundu, DebjyotiKundu, DebjyotiKundu, DebjyotiKennedy, LindseyKennedy, LindseyKennedy, LindseyKennedy, LindseyLiangpunsakul, SuthatLiangpunsakul, SuthatLiangpunsakul, SuthatLiangpunsakul, SuthatWu, ChaodongWu, ChaodongWu, ChaodongWu, ChaodongGlaser, ShannonGlaser, ShannonGlaser, ShannonGlaser, ShannonAlpini, GianfrancoAlpini, GianfrancoAlpini, Gianfranco and Alpini, Gianfranco
Gene Expression, 2020-00-00. | Journal Article
Fecal microbiome distinguishes alcohol consumption from alcoholic hepatitis but does not discriminate disease severity
Smirnova, EkaterinaSmirnova, EkaterinaPuri, PuneetPuri, PuneetMuthiah, Mark DMuthiah, Mark DDaitya, KalyaniDaitya, KalyaniBrown, RobertBrown, RobertChalasani, NagaChalasani, NagaLiangpunsakul, SuthatLiangpunsakul, SuthatShah, Vijay HShah, Vijay HGelow, KaylaGelow, KaylaSiddiqui, Mohammed SSiddiqui, Mohammed SBoyett, SherryBoyett, SherryMirshahi, FaridoddinMirshahi, FaridoddinSikaroodi, MasoumehSikaroodi, MasoumehGillevet, PatrickGillevet, PatrickSanyal, Arun J and Sanyal, Arun J
Hepatology (Baltimore, Md.), 2020-Feb-14. | Journal Article
Long non-coding RNAs in liver diseases: Focusing on nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, alcohol-related liver disease, and cholestatic liver disease.
Han, SenHan, SenZhang, TingZhang, TingKusumanchi, PraveenKusumanchi, PraveenHuda, NazmulHuda, NazmulJiang, YanchaoJiang, YanchaoYang, ZhihongYang, ZhihongLiangpunsakul, Suthat and Liangpunsakul, Suthat
Clinical and molecular hepatology, vol. 26, (no. 4), pp. 705-714, October 2020. | Journal Article
Mast Cell (MC) Activation and Histamine (HA) Signaling Promotes Atypical Ductular Reaction, Biliary Senescence and Liver Fibrosis During Advanced Stage Primary Biliary Cholangitis (PBC)
Kennedy, LindseyMeadows, VikKundu, DebjyotiYang, ZhihongInvernizzi, PietroCarbone, MarcoLiangpunsakul, SuthatAlpini, Gianfranco and Francis, Heather
The FASEB Journal, vol. 34, (no. S1), pp. 1, 2020-04-00. | Journal Article
Modulation of the Tryptophan Hydroxylase 1/Monoamine Oxidase‐A/5‐Hydroxytryptamine/5‐Hydroxytryptamine Receptor 2A/2B/2C Axis Regulates Biliary Proliferation and Liver Fibrosis During Cholestasis
Kyritsi, KonstantinaKyritsi, KonstantinaKyritsi, KonstantinaKyritsi, KonstantinaKyritsi, KonstantinaKyritsi, KonstantinaChen, LixianChen, LixianChen, LixianChen, LixianChen, LixianChen, LixianO'Brien, AprilO’Brien, AprilO’Brien, AprilO’Brien, AprilO’Brien, AprilO’Brien, AprilFrancis, HeatherFrancis, HeatherFrancis, HeatherFrancis, HeatherFrancis, HeatherFrancis, HeatherHein, Travis WHein, Travis WHein, Travis W.Hein, Travis WHein, Travis WHein, Travis WVenter, JulieVenter, JulieVenter, JulieVenter, JulieVenter, JulieVenter, JulieWu, NanWu, NanWu, NanWu, NanWu, NanWu, NanCeci, LudovicaCeci, LudovicaCeci, LudovicaCeci, LudovicaCeci, LudovicaCeci, LudovicaZhou, TianhaoZhou, TianhaoZhou, TianhaoZhou, TianhaoZhou, TianhaoZhou, TianhaoZawieja, DavidZawieja, DavidZawieja, DavidZawieja, DavidZawieja, DavidZawieja, DavidGashev, Anatoliy AGashev, Anatoliy AGashev, Anatoliy A.Gashev, Anatoliy AGashev, Anatoliy AGashev, Anatoliy AMeng, FanyinMeng, FanyinMeng, FanyinMeng, FanyinMeng, FanyinMeng, FanyinInvernizzi, PietroInvernizzi, PietroInvernizzi, PietroInvernizzi, PietroInvernizzi, PietroInvernizzi, PietroFabris, LucaFabris, LucaFabris, LucaFabris, LucaFabris, LucaFabris, LucaWu, ChaodongWu, ChaodongWu, ChaodongWu, ChaodongWu, ChaodongWu, ChaodongSkill, Nicholas JSkill, Nicholas JSkill, Nicholas J.Skill, Nicholas JSkill, Nicholas JSkill, Nicholas JSaxena, RomilSaxena, RomilSaxena, RomilSaxena, RomilSaxena, RomilSaxena, RomilLiangpunsakul, SuthatLiangpunsakul, SuthatLiangpunsakul, SuthatLiangpunsakul, SuthatLiangpunsakul, SuthatLiangpunsakul, SuthatAlpini, GianfrancoAlpini, GianfrancoAlpini, GianfrancoAlpini, GianfrancoAlpini, GianfrancoAlpini, GianfrancoGlaser, Shannon SGlaser, Shannon S.Glaser, Shannon SGlaser, Shannon SGlaser, Shannon S and Glaser, Shannon
Hepatology, vol. 71, (no. 3), pp. 1008, March 2020. | Journal Article
Pro-inflammatory signalling and gut-liver axis in non-alcoholic and alcoholic steatohepatitis: Differences and similarities along the path
Glaser, TrentonGlaser, TrentonBaiocchi, LeonardoBaiocchi, LeonardoZhou, TianhaoZhou, TianhaoFrancis, HeatherFrancis, HeatherLenci, IlariaLenci, IlariaGrassi, GiuseppeGrassi, GiuseppeKennedy, LindseyKennedy, LindseyLiangpunsakul, SuthatLiangpunsakul, SuthatGlaser, ShannonGlaser, ShannonAlpini, GianfrancoAlpini, GianfrancoMeng, Fanyin and Meng, Fanyin
Journal of cellular and molecular medicine, 2020-Apr-21. | Journal Article
Role of endotoxemia in causing renal dysfunction in cirrhosis
Peng, Jennifer LPeng, Jennifer LTechasatian, WitinaTechasatian, WitinaHato, TakashiHato, TakashiLiangpunsakul, Suthat and Liangpunsakul, Suthat
Journal of Investigative Medicine, vol. 68, (no. 1), pp. 29, 20200100. | Journal Article
Sato, KeisakuSato, KeisakuKyritsi, KonstantinaKyritsi, KonstantinaFrancis, Heather LFrancis, Heather LSlevin, EliseSlevin, EliseGrumbles, KassidyGrumbles, KassidyKennedy, LindseyKennedy, LindseyWu, NanWu, NanChen, LixianChen, LixianLiangpunsakul, SuthatLiangpunsakul, SuthatYang, ZhihongYang, ZhihongXu, WenjuanXu, WenjuanCeci, LudovicaCeci, LudovicaGlaser, Shannon SGlaser, Shannon SAlpini, GianfrancoAlpini, GianfrancoMeng, Fanyin and Meng, Fanyin
Gastroenterology, vol. 158, (no. 6), pp. S-1309, 2020-05-00. | Journal Article
Zhou, TianhaoZhou, TianhaoKyritsi, KonstantinaKyritsi, KonstantinaHuang, LiHuang, LiWu, NanWu, NanMcDaniel, Kelly MMcDaniel, Kelly MYang, ZhihongYang, ZhihongSato, KeisakuSato, KeisakuWu, ChaodongWu, ChaodongCeci, LudovicaCeci, LudovicaChen, LixianChen, LixianFrancis, Heather LFrancis, Heather LGlaser, Shannon SGlaser, Shannon SLiangpunsakul, SuthatLiangpunsakul, SuthatAlpini, GianfrancoAlpini, GianfrancoMeng, Fanyin and Meng, Fanyin
Gastroenterology, vol. 158, (no. 6), pp. S-1313, 2020-05-00. | Journal Article
Sestrin 3 Protects Against Diet‐Induced Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis in Mice Through Suppression of Transforming Growth Factor β Signal Transduction
Huang, MenghaoHuang, MenghaoHuang, MenghaoKim, Hyeong GeugKim, Hyeong GeugKim, Hyeong GeugZhong, XiaolinZhong, XiaolinZhong, XiaolinDong, ChuanpengDong, ChuanpengDong, ChuanpengZhang, BrianZhang, BrianZhang, BrianFang, ZhigangFang, ZhigangFang, ZhigangZhang, YangZhang, YangZhang, YangLu, XiaoyuLu, XiaoyuLu, XiaoyuSaxena, RomilSaxena, RomilSaxena, RomilLiu, YunlongLiu, YunlongLiu, YunlongZhang, ChiZhang, ChiZhang, ChiLiangpunsakul, SuthatLiangpunsakul, SuthatLiangpunsakul, SuthatDong, X. CharlieDong, X. Charlie and Dong, X. Charlie
Hepatology, vol. 71, (no. 1), pp. 92, January 2020. | Journal Article
SIRT6 Protects Against Liver Fibrosis by Deacetylation and Suppression of SMAD3 in Hepatic Stellate Cells
Zhong, XiaolinZhong, XiaolinZhong, XiaolinHuang, MenghaoHuang, MenghaoHuang, MenghaoKim, Hyeong-GeugKim, Hyeong-GeugKim, Hyeong-GeugZhang, YangZhang, YangZhang, YangChowdhury, KushanChowdhury, KushanChowdhury, KushanCai, WenjieCai, WenjieCai, WenjieSaxena, RomilSaxena, RomilSaxena, RomilSchwabe, Robert FSchwabe, Robert FSchwabe, Robert F.Liangpunsakul, SuthatLiangpunsakul, SuthatLiangpunsakul, SuthatDong, X. CharlieDong, X. Charlie and Dong, X. Charlie
Cellular and Molecular Gastroenterology and Hepatology, 2020-Apr-17. | Journal Article
The Prolyl Isomerase PIN1 Impairs Methionine Adenosyltransferase α1 Mitochondrial Targeting in Alcoholic Liver Disease
Torres, Lucia BarbierMurray, BenYang, Jin WonRobinson, AaronWang, JiaohongEyk, Jenny VanSun, ZhaoliLiangpunsakul, SuthatMato, Jose M and Lu, Shelly C
The FASEB Journal, vol. 34, (no. S1), pp. 1, 2020-04-00. | Journal Article
Alcohol Abstinence Does Not Fully Reverse Abnormalities of Mucosal-Associated Invariant T Cells in the Blood of Patients With Alcoholic Hepatitis
Li, WeiLi, WeiLin, Edward LLin, Edward LLiangpunsakul, SuthatLiangpunsakul, SuthatLan, JieLan, JieChalasani, SaiChalasani, SaiRane, SushmitaRane, SushmitaPuri, PuneetPuri, PuneetKamath, Patrick SKamath, Patrick SSanyal, Arun JSanyal, Arun JShah, Vijay HShah, Vijay HRadaeva, SvetlanaRadaeva, SvetlanaCrabb, David WCrabb, David WChalasani, NagaChalasani, NagaYu, Qigui and Yu, Qigui
Clinical and translational gastroenterology, vol. 10, (no. 6), pp. e00052, 2019-06-00. | Journal Article
ALDH2 deficiency promotes alcohol-associated liver cancer by activating oncogenic pathways via oxidized DNA-enriched extracellular vesicles
Seo, WonhyoSeo, WonhyoGao, YanhangGao, YanhangHe, YongHe, YongSun, JingSun, JingXu, HongqinXu, HongqinFeng, DechunFeng, DechunPark, Seol HPark, Seol HCho, Young-EunCho, Young-EunGuillot, AdrienGuillot, AdrienRen, TianyiRen, TianyiWu, RuihongWu, RuihongWang, JingyunWang, JingyunKim, Seung-JinKim, Seung-JinHwang, SeonghwanHwang, SeonghwanLiangpunsakul, SuthatLiangpunsakul, SuthatYang, YingziYang, YingziNiu, JunqiNiu, JunqiGao, Bin and Gao, Bin
Journal of Hepatology, vol. 71, (no. 5), Nov 2019. | Journal Article
Whitfield, JohnSchwantes-An, Tae-HwiCordell, Heather JDarlay, RebeccaMasson, StevenLiangpunsakul, SuthatMueller, SebastianAithal, Guruprasad PEyer, FlorianGleeson, DermotThompson, AndrewStickel, FelixSoyka, MichaelDaly, AnnPirmohamed, MunirNalpas, BertrandMoirand, RomainNahon, PierreNaveau, SylvieHaber, PaulPerney, PascalSeitz, Helmut KDay, Christopher PMathurin, PhilippeMorgan, Timothy R and Seth, Devanshi
Hepatology, vol. 70, pp. 172A, 2019. | Journal Article
Clinical characteristics and outcomes of mild to moderate alcoholic hepatitis
Samala, NiharikaSamala, NiharikaSamala, NiharikaSamala, NiharikaGawrieh, SamerGawrieh, SamerGawrieh, SamerGawrieh, SamerTang, QingTang, QingTang, QingTang, QingLourens, Spencer GLourens, Spencer GLourens, Spencer GLourens, Spencer GShah, Vijay HShah, Vijay HShah, Vijay HShah, Vijay HSanyal, Arun JSanyal, Arun JSanyal, Arun JSanyal, Arun JLiangpunsakul, SuthatLiangpunsakul, SuthatLiangpunsakul, SuthatLiangpunsakul, SuthatChalasani, NagaChalasani, NagaChalasani, Naga and Chalasani, Naga
GastroHep, vol. 1, (no. 4), pp. 165, July 2019. | Journal Article
Does providing routine liver volume assessment add value when performing CT surveillance in cirrhotic patients?
Patel, MilanPatel, MilanPatel, MilanPuangsricharoen, PimpitchaPuangsricharoen, PimpitchaPuangsricharoen, PimpitchaArshad, HafizGarrison, SamGarrison, SamGarrison, SamTechasatian, WitinaTechasatian, WitinaTechasatian, WitinaGhabril, MarwanGhabril, MarwanGhabril, MarwanSandrasegaran, KumarLiangpunsakul, SuthatLiangpunsakul, SuthatLiangpunsakul, SuthatTann, MarkTann, Mark and Tann, Mark
Abdominal Radiology, pp. 1-10, Jul 2019. | Journal Article
Downregulation of hepatic stem cell factor by Vivo-Morpholino treatment inhibits mast cell migration and decreases biliary damage/senescence and liver fibrosis in Mdr2−/− mice
Meadows, VikMeadows, VikMeadows, VikMeadows, VikKennedy, LindseyKennedy, LindseyKennedy, LindseyKennedy, LindseyHargrove, LauraHargrove, LauraHargrove, LauraHargrove, LauraDemieville, JenniferDemieville, JenniferDemieville, JenniferDemieville, JenniferMeng, FanyinMeng, FanyinMeng, FanyinMeng, FanyinVirani, ShohaibVirani, ShohaibVirani, ShohaibVirani, ShohaibReinhart, EvanReinhart, EvanReinhart, EvanReinhart, EvanKyritsi, KonstantinaKyritsi, KonstantinaKyritsi, KonstantinaKyritsi, KonstantinaInvernizzi, PietroInvernizzi, PietroInvernizzi, PietroInvernizzi, PietroYang, ZhihongYang, ZhihongYang, ZhihongYang, ZhihongWu, NanWu, NanWu, NanWu, NanLiangpunsakul, SuthatLiangpunsakul, SuthatLiangpunsakul, SuthatLiangpunsakul, SuthatAlpini, GianfrancoAlpini, GianfrancoAlpini, GianfrancoAlpini, GianfrancoFrancis, HeatherFrancis, HeatherFrancis, Heather and Francis, Heather
BBA - Molecular Basis of Disease, vol. 1865, (no. 12), pp. 165557, 2019-12-01. | Journal Article
Dual Role of Bile Acids on the Biliary Epithelium: Friend or Foe?
Baiocchi, LeonardoBaiocchi, LeonardoBaiocchi, LeonardoZhou, TianhaoZhou, TianhaoZhou, TianhaoLiangpunsakul, SuthatLiangpunsakul, SuthatLiangpunsakul, SuthatLenci, IlariaLenci, IlariaLenci, IlariaSantopaolo, FrancescoSantopaolo, FrancescoSantopaolo, FrancescoMeng, FanyinMeng, FanyinMeng, FanyinKennedy, LindseyKennedy, LindseyKennedy, LindseyGlaser, ShannonGlaser, ShannonGlaser, ShannonFrancis, HeatherFrancis, HeatherFrancis, HeatherAlpini, GianfrancoAlpini, Gianfranco and Alpini, Gianfranco
International Journal of Molecular Sciences, vol. 20, (no. 8), 2019. | Journal Article
EUS-guided fine needle injection is superior to direct endoscopic injection of 2-octyl cyanoacrylate for the treatment of gastric variceal bleeding
Bick, Benjamin LBick, Benjamin LBick, Benjamin LBick, Benjamin LAl-Haddad, MohammadAl Haddad, MohammadAl-Haddad, MohammadAl-Haddad, MohammadLiangpunsakul, SuthatLiangpunsakul, SuthatLiangpunsakul, SuthatLiangpunsakul, SuthatGhabril, Marwan SGhabril, Marwan SGhabril, Marwan SGhabril, Marwan SDe Witt, John MDeWitt, John MDeWitt, John M and DeWitt, John M
Surgical Endoscopy, vol. 33, (no. 6), pp. 1837-1845, Jun 2019. | Journal Article
Financial Burden of Liver Transplant vs Resection for Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Skill, Nicholas JSkill, Nicholas JButler, JamesButler, JamesO’Brien, Daniel CO’Brien, Daniel CKays, Joshua KKays, Joshua KKubal, Chandrasekhar AvinashKubal, Chandrasekhar AvinashLiangpunsakul, SuthatLiangpunsakul, SuthatNinad, NehalNinad, NehalMaluccio, Mary A and Maluccio, Mary A
Transplantation Proceedings, vol. 51, (no. 6), pp. 1912, July-August 2019. | Journal Article