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Hospice use among nursing home patients.
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Systematic review of interdisciplinary interventions in nursing homes.
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Associations between published quality ratings of skilled nursing facilities and outcomes of medicare beneficiaries with heart failure.
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Racial differences in hospice use and patterns of care after enrollment in hospice among Medicare beneficiaries with heart failure.
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Palliative care and hospice: opportunities to improve care for the sickest patients
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Resource use in the last 6 months of life among medicare beneficiaries with heart failure, 2000-2007.
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Inpatient medication reconciliation at admission and discharge: A retrospective cohort study of age and other risk factors for medication discrepancies.
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Rehabilitation interventions for improving physical and psychosocial functioning after hip fracture in older people.
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Assessing older drivers: a primary care protocol to evaluate driving safety risk.
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An analysis of an older driver evaluation program
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Prescribing Medications to Older Drivers
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