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Bovine teeth as substitute for human teeth in dental research: a review of literature.
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Development of an orange juice surrogate for the study of dental erosion.
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In situ Fluoride Response of Caries Lesions with Different Mineral Distributions at Baseline
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In vitro evaluation of the erosive potential of orange juice modified by food additives in enamel and dentine
Scaramucci, TaísScaramucci, TaisHara, Anderson THara, AndersonZero, Domenick TZero, DomenickFerreira, StellaFerreira, Stella SAoki, Idalina VAoki, IdalinaSobral, Maria and Sobral, Maria A
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Methods for the Measurement and Characterization of Erosion in Enamel and Dentine
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Brushing abrasion of dentin: effect of diluent and dilution rate of toothpaste.
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Effect of a pulsed CO2 laser and fluoride on the prevention of enamel and dentine erosion.
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Erosion and Abrasion of Enamel and Dentin Associated With At-Home Bleaching
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Erosion and abrasion of enamel and dentin associated with at-home bleaching: an in vitro study.
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Sodium bicarbonate solution as an anti-erosive agent against simulated endogenous erosion
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The caries environment: saliva, pellicle, diet, and hard tissue ultrastructure.
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Interplay between fluoride and abrasivity of dentifrices on dental erosion-abrasion
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Analysis of the erosive potential of calcium-containing acidic beverages.
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Dentine remineralization by simulated saliva formulations with different Ca and Pi contents.
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pH-cycling models to evaluate the effect of low fluoride dentifrice on enamel de- and remineralization.
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Study on the potential inhibition of root dentine wear adjacent to fluoride-containing restorations
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The effect of anti-sensitivity dentifrices on brushing abrasion of eroded dentin in vitro.
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The effect of human saliva substitutes in an erosion-abrasion cycling model.
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Impact of dietary acidity related to beverage intake on dental erosion and bone fragility fractures
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Bioactivity of novel self-assembled crystalline Nb2O5 microstructures in simulated and human salivas.
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Biological factors.
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Biological Factors
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Effect of xylitol:sorbitol on fluoride enamel demineralization reduction in situ.
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Evaluation of a desensitizing test dentifrice using an in situ erosion remineralization model.
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Protective effect of the dental pellicle against erosive challenges in situ.
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