Genomics and Bioinformatics
  • Bioscientists are assembling the genomes of thousands of organisms, comprising millions of genes, proteins and related bio-information, now part of biology's digital library distributed on computers around the world. Coping with this wealth of genomes requires cost-effective, shared database tools, such as those built under the umbrella of the collaborative Generic Model Organism Database ( GMOD ) project. Software tools to fully assembly, analyze and compare these genomes are available, but the ability to employ them is limited to those with extensive computational resources and engineering talent.
  • In this genome informatics laboratory, methods are developed for use by existing and emerging model organism databases that address genome database access needs and middleware for comparative analyses. Effective use of shared cyberinfrastructure, such as the NSF-sponsored TeraGrid and other Grid systems, is a problem today for bioinformatics, that our research addresses with data grid methods for large genome databases.

Genome informatics and biology public digital libraries.

PhD, Indiana University, 1981