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An approach to evaluate myocardial perfusion defect assessment for projection-based DECT: A phantom study
Han, DongheeShah, SunnyLee, Ji HyunElmore, KimberlyGransar, HeidiDanad, IbrahimKumar, VidhyaRaman, SubhaHartaigh, Bríain ÓDunham, SimonLin, Fay Y and Min, James K
Clinical Imaging, vol. 63, pp. 15, July 2020. | Journal Article
A Retrospective Study of Myocardial Abnormalities Detected on Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging Among Patients with Psoriasis Compared to Inflammatory Skin Disease Controls
Goldenberg, MichaelReynolds, MatthewSmart, SuzanneKaffenberger, JessicaRaman, Subha and Kaffenberger, Benjamin H
Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology : JEADV, 2020-Apr-16. | Journal Article
Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Stress Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance Imaging for Stable Chest Pain Syndromes
Ge, YinGe, YinPandya, AnkurPandya, AnkurSteel, KevinSteel, KevinBingham, ScottBingham, ScottJerosch-Herold, MichaelJerosch-Herold, MichaelChen, Yi-YunChen, Yi-YunMikolich, J RonaldMikolich, J RonaldArai, Andrew EArai, Andrew EBandettini, W PatriciaBandettini, W PatriciaPatel, Amit RPatel, Amit RFarzaneh-Far, AfshinFarzaneh-Far, AfshinHeitner, John FHeitner, John FShenoy, ChetanShenoy, ChetanLeung, Steve WLeung, Steve WGonzalez, Jorge AGonzalez, Jorge AShah, Dipan JShah, Dipan JRaman, Subha VRaman, Subha VFerrari, Victor AFerrari, Victor ASchulz-Menger, JeanetteSchulz-Menger, JeanetteHachamovitch, RoryHachamovitch, RoryStuber, MatthiasStuber, MatthiasSimonetti, Orlando PSimonetti, Orlando PKwong, Raymond Y and Kwong, Raymond Y
JACC. Cardiovascular imaging, 2020-May-08. | Journal Article
Diagnosis and Detection of Sarcoidosis. An Official American Thoracic Society Clinical Practice Guideline
Crouser, Elliott DCrouser, E.D.Crouser, Elliott DCrouser, Elliott DCrouser, Elliott DMaier, L.A.Maier, Lisa AMaier, Lisa AMaier, Lisa AMaier, Lisa AWilson, Kevin CWilson, Kevin CWilson, Kevin CWilson, Kevin CBaughman, R.P.Bonham, Catherine AAbston, E.Bonham, Catherine ABonham, Catherine ABonham, Catherine AMorgenthau, Adam SBernstein, R.C.Morgenthau, Adam SMorgenthau, Adam SMorgenthau, Adam SPatterson, Karen CPatterson, Karen CPatterson, Karen CBlankstein, R.Patterson, Karen CAbston, EricAbston, EricAbston, EricBonham, C.A.Abston, EricBernstein, Richard CChen, E.S.Bernstein, Richard CBernstein, Richard CBernstein, Richard CBlankstein, RonBlankstein, RonBlankstein, RonBlankstein, RonCulver, D.A.Chen, Edward SChen, Edward SChen, Edward SDrake, W.Chen, Edward SDrent, M.Culver, Daniel ACulver, Daniel ACulver, Daniel ACulver, Daniel ADrake, WonderDrake, WonderDrake, WonderDrake, WonderGerke, A.K.Drent, MarjoleinDrent, MarjoleinDrent, MarjoleinGhobrial, M.Drent, MarjoleinGerke, Alicia KGerke, Alicia KGovender, P.Gerke, Alicia KGerke, Alicia KGhobrial, MichaelHamzeh, N.Ghobrial, MichaelGhobrial, MichaelGhobrial, MichaelGovender, PraveenGovender, PraveenGovender, PraveenGovender, PraveenJames, W.E.Hamzeh, NabeelHamzeh, NabeelJudson, M.A.Hamzeh, NabeelHamzeh, NabeelJames, W EnnisJames, W EJames, W EnnisKellermeyer, L.James, W EJudson, Marc AJudson, Marc AKnight, S.Judson, Marc AJudson, Marc AKellermeyer, LizKellermeyer, LizKellermeyer, LizKellermeyer, LizKoth, L.L.Morgenthau, A.S.Knight, ShandraKnight, ShandraKnight, ShandraKnight, ShandraPatterson, K.C.Koth, Laura LKoth, Laura LKoth, Laura LKoth, Laura LPoletti, VenerinoPoletti, VenerinoPoletti, VenerinoPoletti, VenerinoPoletti, V.Raman, Subha VRaman, S.V.Raman, Subha VRaman, Subha VRaman, Subha VTukey, Melissa HTukey, Melissa HTukey, M.H.Tukey, Melissa HTukey, Melissa HWestney, G.E.Westney, Gloria EWestney, Gloria EWestney, Gloria EWestney, Gloria EWilson, K.C.Baughman, Robert PBaughman, Robert PBaughman, Robert P and Baughman, Robert P
American journal of respiratory and critical care medicine, vol. 201, (no. 8), pp. e51, 2020-Apr-15. | Journal Article
Antiochos, PanagiotisGe, YinSteel, KevinBingham, ScottAbdullah, ShuaibMikolich, J. RonaldBandettini, W. PatriciaArai, Andrew EPatel, AmitFarzaneh-Far, AfshinHeitner, JohnShenoy, ChetanLeung, SteveGonzalez, Jorge AShah, Dipan JRaman, Subha VFerrari, Victor ASchulz-Menger, JeanetteStuber, MathiasSimonetti, Orlando and Kwong, Raymond Y
Journal of the American College of Cardiology, vol. 75, (no. 11), pp. 1544, 2020-03-24. | Journal Article
Slivnick, JeremyWallner, AlexVallakati, AjayTruong, Vien TMazur, WojciechElamin, MohamedRaman, Subha V and Zareba, Karolina M
Journal of the American College of Cardiology, vol. 75, (no. 11), pp. 891, 2020-03-24. | Journal Article
Lower Ischemic Heart Disease Diagnostic Costs With Treadmill Stress CMR vs. SPECT
Raman, Subha VHachamovitch, RoryScandling, DebbieMazur, WojciechKwong, Raymond YWong, Timothy CSchelbert, Erik BMoore, SeanTruong, Vien and Simonetti, Orlando P
JACC: Cardiovascular Imaging, 2020-04-00. | Journal Article
Lower Ischemic Heart Disease Diagnostic Costs With Treadmill Stress CMR vs. SPECT: A Multicenter, Randomized Trial
Raman, Subha VHachamovitch, RoryScandling, DebbieMazur, WojciechKwong, Raymond YWong, Timothy CSchelbert, Erik BMoore, SeanTruong, Vien and Simonetti, Orlando P
JACC. Cardiovascular imaging, 2020-Apr-10. | Journal Article
Park, CarolynJordan, JenniferRaman, Subha VHall, MichaelHundley, W and Miller, Chadwick
Journal of the American College of Cardiology, vol. 75, (no. 11), pp. 1686, 2020-03-24. | Journal Article
Normal left atrial strain and strain rate using cardiac magnetic resonance feature tracking in healthy volunteers
Truong, Vien TPalmer, CassadyWolking, SarahSheets, BrandyYoung, MichaelNgo, Tam N MTaylor, MichaelNagueh, Sherif FZareba, Karolina MRaman, Subha and Mazur, Wojciech
European heart journal cardiovascular Imaging, vol. 21, (no. 4), pp. 446, 2020-Apr-01. | Journal Article
Patient-Adaptive Magnetic Resonance Oximetry: Comparison With Invasive Catheter Measurement of Blood Oxygen Saturation in Patients With Cardiovascular Disease
Varghese, JulietSmyke, MatthewPan, YueRajpal, SaurabhCraft, JasonPotter, Lee CRaman, Subha VAhmad, Rizwan and Simonetti, Orlando P
Journal of magnetic resonance imaging : JMRI, 2020-May-01. | Journal Article
Wallner, AlexNagaraja, Haikady and Raman, Subha V
Journal of the American College of Cardiology, vol. 75, (no. 11), pp. 1017, 2020-03-24. | Journal Article
Right Atrial Deformation Using Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance Myocardial Feature Tracking Compared with Two-Dimensional Speckle Tracking Echocardiography in Healthy Volunteers
Truong, Vien TPalmer, CassadyYoung, MichaelWolking, SarahNgo, Tam N MSheets, BrandyHausfeld, ChelseyOrnella, AllisonTaylor, Michael DZareba, Karolina MRaman, Subha V and Mazur, Wojciech
Scientific reports, vol. 10, (no. 1), pp. 5237, 2020-Mar-23. | Journal Article
Society for Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance (SCMR) guidance for the practice of cardiovascular magnetic resonance during the COVID-19 pandemic
Han, YuchiHan, YuchiHan, YuchiHan, YuchiChen, TiffanyChen, TiffanyChen, TiffanyChen, TiffanyBryant, JenniferBryant, JenniferBryant, JenniferBryant, JenniferBucciarelli-Ducci, ChiaraBucciarelli-Ducci, ChiaraBucciarelli-Ducci, ChiaraBucciarelli-Ducci, ChiaraDyke, ChristopherDyke, ChristopherDyke, ChristopherDyke, ChristopherElliott, Michael DElliott, Michael DElliott, Michael DElliott, Michael DFerrari, Victor AFerrari, Victor AFerrari, Victor AFerrari, Victor AFriedrich, Matthias GFriedrich, Matthias GFriedrich, Matthias GFriedrich, Matthias GLawton, ChrisLawton, ChrisLawton, ChrisLawton, ChrisManning, Warren JManning, Warren JManning, Warren JManning, Warren JOrdovas, KarenOrdovas, KarenOrdovas, KarenOrdovas, KarenPlein, SvenPlein, SvenPlein, SvenPlein, SvenPowell, Andrew JPowell, Andrew JPowell, Andrew JPowell, Andrew JRaman, Subha VRaman, Subha VRaman, Subha VRaman, Subha VCarr, JamesCarr, JamesCarr, James and Carr, James
Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance, vol. 22, (no. 1), pp. 26, 2020-12-00. | Journal Article
Substrate for Ventricular Arrhythmia
Raman, Subha V and Chandrashekhar, Y
JACC: Cardiovascular Imaging, vol. 13, (no. 2), pp. 534, 2020-02-00. | Journal Article
The Journal of Cardiovascular Computed Tomography year in review – 2019
Choi, Jeong Wvan Rosendael, Alexander RBax, A. Maximvan den Hoogen, Inge JGianni, UmbertoBaskaran, LohendranAndreini, DanieleDe Cecco, Carlo NEarls, JamesFerencik, MarosHecht, HarveyLeipsic, Jonathon AMaurovich-Horvat, PálNicol, EdwardPontone, GianlucaRaman, SubhaSchoenhagen, PaulArbab-Zadeh, ArminChoi, Andrew DFeuchtner, GudrunWeir-McCall, JonathanChinnaiyan, KavithaWhelton, SeamusMin, James KVillines, Todd C and Al’Aref, Subhi J
Journal of Cardiovascular Computed Tomography, vol. 14, (no. 2), pp. 117, 2020-Jan-15. | Journal Article
Advanced stage breast cancer is associated with catheter-tip thrombus formation following implantable central venous port placement
Makary, Mina SLionberg, AlexanderKhayat, MamdouhLustberg, Maryam BAlTaani, JamalPan, Xueliang JLayman, Richard RRaman, Subha VLayman, Rachel M and Dowell, Joshua D
Phlebology, vol. 34, (no. 2), pp. 114, 20190300. | Journal Article
Cardiac Injury and Microvascular Ischemia in Sickle Cell Disease
Kaur, KiranveerHuang, YingRaman, SubhaKraut, Eric H and Desai, Payal
Blood, vol. 134, (no. Supplement_1), pp. 2286, 2019-11-13. | Journal Article
Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Stress Perfusion Imaging for Evaluation of Patients With Chest Pain
Kwong, Raymond YKwong, Raymond YKwong, Raymond YGe, YinGe, YinGe, YinSteel, KevinSteel, KevinSteel, KevinBingham, ScottBingham, ScottBingham, ScottAbdullah, ShuaibAbdullah, ShuaibAbdullah, ShuaibFujikura, KanaFujikura, KanaFujikura, KanaWang, WeiWang, WeiWang, WeiPandya, AnkurPandya, AnkurPandya, AnkurChen, Yi-YunChen, Yi-YunChen, Yi-YunMikolich, J RonaldMikolich, J. RonaldMikolich, J RonaldBoland, SebastianBoland, SebastianBoland, SebastianArai, Andrew EArai, Andrew EArai, Andrew EBandettini, W. PatriciaBandettini, W PatriciaBandettini, W PatriciaShanbhag, Sujata MShanbhag, Sujata MShanbhag, Sujata MPatel, Amit RPatel, Amit RPatel, Amit RNarang, AkhilNarang, AkhilNarang, AkhilFarzaneh-Far, AfshinFarzaneh-Far, AfshinFarzaneh-Far, AfshinRomer, BenjaminRomer, BenjaminRomer, BenjaminHeitner, John FHeitner, John FHeitner, John FHo, Jean YHo, Jean YHo, Jean YSingh, JaspalSingh, JaspalSingh, JaspalShenoy, ChetanShenoy, ChetanShenoy, ChetanHughes, AndrewHughes, AndrewHughes, AndrewLeung, Steve WLeung, Steve WLeung, Steve WMarji, MeeraMarji, MeeraMarji, MeeraGonzalez, Jorge AGonzalez, Jorge AGonzalez, Jorge AMehta, SandeepMehta, SandeepMehta, SandeepShah, Dipan JShah, Dipan JShah, Dipan JDebs, DanyDebs, DanyDebs, DanyRaman, Subha VRaman, Subha VRaman, Subha VGuha, AvirupGuha, AvirupGuha, AvirupFerrari, Victor AFerrari, Victor AFerrari, Victor ASchulz-Menger, JeanetteSchulz-Menger, JeanetteSchulz-Menger, JeanetteHachamovitch, RoryHachamovitch, RoryHachamovitch, RoryStuber, MatthiasStuber, MatthiasStuber, MatthiasSimonetti, Orlando PSimonetti, Orlando P and Simonetti, Orlando P
Journal of the American College of Cardiology, vol. 74, (no. 14), pp. 1755, 2019-10-08. | Journal Article
Early Detection of Anthracycline-Induced Cardiotoxicity in Breast Cancer Survivors with T2 CMR
Lustberg, Maryam BReinbolt, RaquelAddison, DanielRuppert, Amy SMoore, SeanCarothers, SarahSuresh, AnupamaDas, HiranmoyBerger, MichaelRamaswamy, BhuvaneswariWesolowski, RobertBinkley, PhilipRaman, Subha V and Shapiro, Charles L
Circulation. Cardiovascular imaging, vol. 12, (no. 5), pp. e008777, 20190500. | Journal Article
Estimation of myocardial fibrosis in humans with dual energy CT
Kumar, VidhyaHarfi, Thura THe, XinMcCarthy, BethCardona, AndreaSimonetti, Orlando P and Raman, Subha V
Journal of Cardiovascular Computed Tomography, vol. 13, (no. 6), pp. 318, November-December 2019. | Journal Article
Hypoxia in sickle cell disease due to right to left shunting
Desai, Payal CKendel, NicoleHuang, YingHeinlein, MelanieKraut, Eric and Raman, Subha
American Journal of Hematology, vol. 94, (no. 2), pp. E55, February 2019. | Journal Article
Imaging Device Therapy: Essentials for the Imager
Harfi, Thura TMilks, Michael WesleyOrsinelli, David ARaman, Subha VAbraham, William T and Kahwash, Rami
Heart failure clinics, vol. 15, (no. 2), pp. 320, 2019-Apr. | Journal Article
Left atrial volume quantification using coronary calcium score scan: Feasibility, reliability and reproducibility analysis of a standardized approach
Cardona, AndreaTrovato, VincenzoNagaraja, Haikady NRaman, Subha V and Harfi, Thura T
IJC Heart & Vasculature, vol. 23, pp. 100351, June 2019. | Journal Article
Letter to the Editor: Exercise MRI in healthy individuals-will the outlier please stand up?
LaFountain, Richard ARaman, Subha V and Simonetti, Orlando P
American journal of physiology. Regulatory, integrative and comparative physiology, vol. 316, (no. 3), pp. R399, 2019-03-01. | Journal Article