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Automated identification of South Asian monsoon low pressure systems: Historical variations across reanalysis products
Constraining and Characterizing the size of Atmospheric Rivers: A perspective independent from the detection algorithm.
Dı́az, Héctor Alejandro IndaO’Brien, Travis AllenZhou, Yang and Collins, William D.
Detection of Atmospheric Rivers with Inline Uncertainty Quantification: TECA-BARD v1.0
O’Brien, TAO’Brien, Travis A.Risser, Mark D.Risser, MDLoring, BLoring, BurlenElbashandy, AAElbashandy, Abdelrahman A.Krishnan, HarinarayanKrishnan, HJohnson, JJohnson, JeffreyPatricola, Christina M.Patricola, CMO’Brien, JPO’Brien, John P.Mahesh, AMahesh, AnkurPrabhatRamirez, Sarahı́ ArriagaRamirez, SARhoades, Alan M.Rhoades, AMCharn, AlexanderCharn, ADı́az, Héctor IndaDíaz, HIand, William D. Collins and Collins, Wd
Detection of atmospheric rivers with inline uncertainty quantification: TECA-BARD v1.0.1
O’Brien, Travis A.O’Brien, T.A.Risser, M.D.Risser, Mark D.Loring, BurlenLoring, B.Elbashandy, Abdelrahman A.Elbashandy, A.A.Krishnan, HarinarayanKrishnan, H.Johnson, J.Johnson, JeffreyPatricola, C.M.Patricola, Christina M.O’Brien, John P.O’Brien, J.P.Mahesh, AnkurMahesh, A.Ramirez, Sarahı́ ArriagaPrabhatRhoades, Alan M.Ramirez, S.A.Rhoades, A.M.Charn, AlexanderCharn, A.Dı́az, Héctor IndaDiaz, H.I.and, William D. Collins and Collins, W.D.
Geoscientific Model Development. | Journal Article
Impact of parametric uncertainty on simulated climate extremes and attribution studies
Timmermans, BTimmermans, BenTimmermans, BenCollins, WilliamCollins, WilliamCollins, WO’Brien, TravisO’Brien, TO’Brien, TravisStone, DStone, Dáithı́Stone, Dáithı́Risser, MarkRisser, M and Risser, Mark
Copernicus GmbH
Increases in Future AR Count and Size: Overview of the ARTMIP Tier 2 CMIP5/6 Experiment
O’Brien, Travis AllenO’Brien, Travis AllenWehner, Michael FWehner, Michael FPayne, Ashley E.Payne, Ashley E.Shields, Christine AShields, Christine ARutz, Jonathan J.Rutz, Jonathan J.Leung, L. RubyLeung, L. RubyRalph, F. MartinRalph, F. MartinCollow, Allison B. MarquardtCollow, Allison B. MarquardtGuan, BinGuan, BinLora, Juan ManuelLora, Juan ManuelMcClenny, ElizabethMcClenny, ElizabethNardi, Kyle M.Nardi, Kyle M.Ramos, Alexandre M.Ramos, Alexandre M.Tomé, RicardoTomé, RicardoSarangi, ChandanSarangi, ChandanShearer, Eric JayShearer, Eric JayUllrich, PaulUllrich, PaulZarzycki, Colin M.Zarzycki, Colin M.Loring, BurlenLoring, BurlenHuang, HuanpingHuang, HuanpingDı́az, Héctor Alejandro IndaDı́az, Héctor Alejandro IndaRhoades, Alan M.Rhoades, Alan M.Zhou, Yang and Zhou, Yang
Influences of North Pacific Ocean Domain Extent on the Western U.S. Winter Hydroclimatology in Variable-Resolution CESM
Rhoades, Alan M.Rhoades, Alan M.Jones, Andrew D.Jones, Andrew D.O’Brien, Travis A.O’Brien, Travis A.O’Brien, John P.O’Brien, John P.Ullrich, Paul A.Ullrich, Paul A.Zarzycki, Colin M. and Zarzycki, Colin M.
Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, vol. 125. | Journal Article
Microphysical Sensitivity of Superparameterized Precipitation Extremes in the Contiguous United States Due to Feedbacks on Large-Scale Circulation
Charn, Alexander B.Charn, Alexander B.Charn, Alexander BCollins, William D.Collins, William DCollins, William D.Parishani, HosseinParishani, HosseinParishani, HosseinRisser, Mark DRisser, Mark D.Risser, Mark D.O'Brien, Travis AO’Brien, Travis A. and O’Brien, Travis A.
Earth and Space Science, vol. 7. | Journal Article
Response to comments from Anonymous Reviewers 1 and 2
O’Brien, Travis
Copernicus GmbH
The Shifting Scales of Western U.S. Landfalling Atmospheric Rivers Under Climate Change
Rhoades, Alan M.Rhoades, Alan M.Rhoades, Alan M.Jones, Andrew D.Jones, Andrew D.Jones, Andrew D.Srivastava, AbhishekhSrivastava, AbhishekhSrivastava, AbhishekhHuang, HuanpingHuang, HuanpingHuang, HuanpingO’Brien, Travis A.O’Brien, Travis A.O’Brien, Travis A.Patricola, Christina M.Patricola, Christina M.Patricola, Christina M.Ullrich, Paul A.Ullrich, Paul A.Ullrich, Paul A.Wehner, MichaelWehner, MichaelWehner, MichaelZhou, YangZhou, Yang and Zhou, Yang
Geophysical Research Letters, vol. 47. | Journal Article
Uncertainties in Atmospheric River Life Cycles by Detection Algorithms: Climatology and Variability
Zhou, YO’brien, TUllrich, PCollins, WPatricola, C and Rhoades, A
Detection Uncertainty Matters for Understanding Atmospheric Rivers
O’Brien, TravisPayne, AshleyShields, ChristineRutz, JonathanBrands, SwenCastellano, ChristopherChen, JiayiCleveland, WilliamDeFlorio, Michael and Goldenson, Naomi
California Digital Library (CDL)
Metrics for understanding large-scale controls of multivariate temperature and precipitation variability
O’Brien, John P.O’Brien, Travis A.Patricola, Christina M.Patricola, Christina M and Wang, S.-Y. Simon
Climate Dynamics, vol. 53, pp. 3805–3823. | Journal Article
Microphysical Sensitivity of Superparameterized Precipitation Extremes in the Continental US Due to Feedbacks on Large-scale Circulation
Charn, ACharn, AlexanderCollins, WCollins, WilliamParishani, HParishani, HosseinRisser, MarkRisser, MO’Brien, T and O’Brien, Travis
The Atmospheric River Tracking Method Intercomparison Project (ARTMIP): Quantifying Uncertainties in Atmospheric River Climatology
Rutz, Jonathan J.Shields, Christine A.Lora, Juan M.Payne, Ashley E.Guan, BinUllrich, PaulO’Brien, TravisLeung, L. RubyRalph, F. MartinWehner, MichaelBrands, SwenCollow, AllisonGoldenson, NaomiGorodetskaya, IrinaGriffith, HelenKashinath, KarthikKawzenuk, BrianKrishnan, HarinarayanKurlin, VitaliyLavers, DavidMagnusdottir, GudrunMahoney, KellyMcClenny, ElizabethMuszynski, GrzegorzNguyen, Phu DinhPrabhat, Mr.Qian, YunRamos, Alexandre M.Sarangi, ChandanSellars, ScottShulgina, T.Tome, RicardoWaliser, DuaneWalton, DanielWick, GaryWilson, Anna M. and Viale, Maximiliano
Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, vol. 124, pp. 13777–13802. | Journal Article
The Atmospheric River Tracking Method Intercomparison Project (ARTMIP): Quantifying Uncertainties in Atmospheric River Climatology. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres
Rutz, J.J.Shields, C.A.Lora, J.M.Payne, A.E.Guan, B.Ullrich, P.O?Brien, T.Leung, L.R.Ralph, F.M.Wehner, M.Brands, S.Collow, A.Goldenson, N.Gorodetskaya, I.Griffith, H.Kashinath, K.Kawzenuk, B.Krishnan, H.Kurlin, V.Lavers, D.Magnusdottir, G.Mahoney, K.McClenny, E.Muszynski, G.Nguyen, P.D.Prabhat, M.Qian, Y.Ramos, A.M.Sarangi, C.Sellars, S.Shulgina, T.Tome, R.Waliser, D.Walton, D.Wick, G.Wilson, A.M. and Viale, M.
Rainfall From Resolved Rather Than Parameterized Processes Better Represents the Present-Day and Climate Change Response of Moderate Rates in the Community Atmosphere Model
Kooperman, Gabriel JKooperman, Gabriel J.Pritchard, Michael SPritchard, Michael S.O’Brien, Travis A.O'Brien, Travis ATimmermans, Ben W. and Timmermans, Ben W
Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems, vol. 10, pp. 971–988. | Journal Article
A fast and objective multidimensional kernel density estimation method: fastKDE
O’Brien, Travis A.O’Brien, Travis A.Kashinath, KarthikKashinath, KarthikCavanaugh, Nicholas R.Cavanaugh, Nicholas R.Collins, William D.Collins, William D.O’Brien, John P. and O’Brien, John P.
Computational Statistics & Data Analysis, vol. 101, pp. 148–160. | Journal Article
Are atmospheric updrafts a key to unlocking climate forcing and sensitivity?
Donner, Leo J.Donner, LeoO’Brien, Travis A.O'Brien, TravisRieger, DanielRieger, DanielVogel, BernhardVogel, BernhardCooke, William F. and Cooke, William
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, vol. 16, pp. 12983–12992. | Journal Article
Are Atmospheric Updrafts a Key to Unlocking Climate Forcing and Sensitivity?
Donner, Leo J.O’Brien, Travis A.Rieger, DanielVogel, Bernhard and Cooke, William F.
Copernicus GmbH
Resolution dependence of precipitation statistical fidelity in hindcast simulations
O’Brien, TAO’Brien, Travis A.O’Brien, Travis A.Collins, William D.Collins, William D.Collins, WDKashinath, KarthikKashinath, KarthikKashinath, KRubel, OliverRübel, OliverRübel, OByna, SByna, SurenByna, SurenGu, JunminGu, JunminGu, JKrishnan, HariKrishnan, HariKrishnan, HUllrich, PAUllrich, Paul A. and Ullrich, Paul A.
Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems, vol. 8, pp. 976–990. | Journal Article
Reducing the computational cost of the ECF using a nuFFT: A fast and objective probability density estimation method
O’Brien, Travis A.O’Brien, Travis A.Collins, William D.Collins, William D.Rauscher, Sara A.Rauscher, Sara A.Ringler, Todd D. and Ringler, Todd D.
Computational Statistics & Data Analysis, vol. 79, pp. 222-234. | Journal Article
Observed Scaling in Clouds and Precipitation and Scale Incognizance in Regional to Global Atmospheric Models
O’Brien, Travis A.O'Brien, Travis ALi, FuyuLi, FuyuCollins, William DCollins, William D.Rauscher, Sara ARauscher, Sara A.Ringler, Todd D.Ringler, Todd DTaylor, MarkTaylor, MarkHagos, Samson MHagos, Samson M.Leung, L. Ruby and Leung, Lai Yung R
Journal of Climate, vol. 26, pp. 9313-9333. | Journal Article
Sensitivity of the regional climate model RegCM4.2 to planetary boundary layer parameterisation
Güttler, IvanBranković, ČedoO’Brien, Travis A.Coppola, ErikaGrisogono, Branko and Giorgi, Filippo
Climate Dynamics, pp. 1-20. | Journal Article
An analysis of simulated California climate using multiple dynamical and statistical techniques
Miller, N. L.Jin, J.Schlegel, N. J.Snyder, M. A.O’Brien, T.Sloan, L. C.Duffy, P. B.Hidalgo, H.Kanamaru, M. Kanamitsu and Yoshimura, K.