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Safety and Efficacy of MCA‐M2 Thrombectomy in Delayed Time Window: A Propensity Score Analysis From the STAR Registry. Stroke: Vascular and Interventional Neurology
. | Journal Article
Exposure to Neurointervention During Neurology Training.
K, LimayeS, Ortega-GutierrezM, MokinA, JagolinoSA, Sheth and AP, Jadhav
Stroke. | Journal Article
Middle Cerebral Artery M2 Thrombectomy in the STRATIS Registry
Stroke. | Journal Article
Safety and Feasibility of Symptomatic Carotid Artery Stent-Assisted Revascularization within 48 Hours after Symptoms Onset.
K, LimayeLimaye, K.D, Quispe-OrozcoQuispe-Orozco, D.CB, ZevallosZevallos, C.B.M, FarooquiFarooqui, M.Dandapat, S.S, DandapatA, Mendez-RuizMendez-Ruiz, A.Ansari, S.S, AnsariS, AbdelkarimAbdelkarim, S.A, DajlesDajles, A.C, DerdeynDerdeyn, C.Samaniego, E.A.EA, SamaniegoOrtega-Gutierrez, S. and S, Ortega-Gutierrez
Journal of stroke and cerebrovascular diseases : the official journal of National Stroke Association. | Journal Article
Spinal subarachnoid hemorrhage secondary to ruptured artery of Adamkiewicz aneurysm: Is conservative management the first best step?
Limaye, KaustubhKandemirli, Sedat and Dlouhy, Kathleen
Clinical Neurology and Neurosurgery, vol. 205, pp. 106647. | Journal Article
Transient global amnesia does not increase the risk of subsequent ischemic stroke: a propensity score-matched analysis.
A, GargK, LimayeA, ShabanHP, Adams and EC, Leira
Journal of neurology. | Journal Article
Analysis of Demographic and Educational Backgrounds of Interventional Neuroradiology Fellowship Program Director Workforce in North America.
GK, VilanilamV, WadhwaM, RohillaK, LimayeRS, SamantM, Kamran and MG, Radvany
Current problems in diagnostic radiology. | Journal Article
Aspirin associated with decreased rate of intracranial aneurysm growth
Zanaty, M.Roa, J.A.Nakagawa, D.Chalouhi, N.Allan, L.Kasab, S.A.Limaye, K.Ishii, D.Samaniego, E.A.Jabbour, P.Torner, J.C. and Hasan, D.M.
Journal of Neurosurgery, vol. 133, pp. 1478-1485. | Journal Article
Cognitive and cerebral hemodynamic effects of endovascular recanalization of chronically occluded cervical internal carotid artery: Single-center study and review of the literature
Zanaty, M.Howard, S.Roa, J.A.Alvarez, C.M.Kung, D.K.McCarthy, David J.Samaniego, E.A.Nakagawa, D.Starke, R.M.Limaye, K.Kasab, S.A.Chalouhi, N.Jabbour, P.Torner, J.Tranel, D. and Hasan, D.
Journal of Neurosurgery, vol. 132, pp. 1158-1166. | Journal Article
Differential Risk Factors and Outcomes of Ischemic Stroke due to Cervical Artery Dissection in Young Adults
Garg, AayushiGarg, A.Garg, AayushiBathla, G.Bathla, GirishBathla, GirishMolian, VaelanMolian, VaelanMolian, V.Limaye, K.Limaye, KaustubhLimaye, KaustubhHasan, DavidHasan, DavidHasan, D.Leira, Enrique C.Leira, Enrique C.Leira, E.C.Derdeyn, C.P.Derdeyn, Colin P.Derdeyn, Colin P.Adams, Harold P.Adams, H.P.Adams, Harold P.Shaban, AmirShaban, A. and Shaban, Amir
Cerebrovascular Diseases, pp. 509–515. | Journal Article
Efficacy and safety of nerinetide for the treatment of acute ischaemic stroke (ESCAPE-NA1): a multicentre, double-blind, randomised controlled trial
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PeterMenon, B.Menon, B.Menon, B.Stys, PeterMenon, B.Wong, J.Menon, B.Menon, B.Menon, B.Coutts, S.Coutts, S.Coutts, S.Coutts, S.Menon, BijoyMenon, BijoyCoutts, S.Coutts, S.Mitha, A.Menon, BijoyCoutts, S.Coutts, S.Eesa, M.Wong, J.Coutts, ShelaghWong, J.Wong, J.Coutts, ShelaghCoutts, ShelaghWong, J.Wong, J.Wong, J.Wong, J.Wong, J.Almekhlafi, MohammedMitha, A.Almekhlafi, MohammedAlmekhlafi, MohammedMitha, A.Mitha, A.Mitha, A.Mitha, A.Mitha, A.Morrish, W.Mitha, A.Mitha, A.Alqatani, S.Hill, MichaelHill, MichaelEesa, M.Eesa, M.Eesa, M.Eesa, M.Hill, MichaelEesa, M.Eesa, M.Eesa, M.Eesa, M.Goyal, MayankGoyal, MayankMorrish, W.Morrish, W.Morrish, W.Kashani, N.Goyal, MayankMorrish, W.Morrish, W.Morrish, W.Morrish, W.Morrish, W.Alqatani, S.Alqatani, S.Venkatesan, P.Alqatani, S.Alqatani, S.Alqatani, S.Wong, JohnAlqatani, S.Wong, JohnAlqatani, S.Wong, JohnAlqatani, S.Kashani, N.Kashani, N.Teleg, E.Kashani, N.Kashani, N.Kashani, N.Kashani, N.Kashani, N.Kashani, N.Ospel, J.Ospel, J.Sitaram, A.Ospel, 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PrasannaChakraborty, D.Chakraborty, D.Venkatesan, PrasannaChen, S.Chakraborty, D.Chakraborty, D.Chakraborty, D.Chakraborty, D.Maraj, N.Maraj, N.Maraj, N.Teleg, ErikaSingh, R.Teleg, ErikaTeleg, ErikaMaraj, N.Maraj, N.Maraj, N.Maraj, N.Maraj, N.Loockey, A.Loockey, A.Loockey, A.Loockey, A.Sitaram, AmithLoockey, A.Loockey, A.Sitaram, AmithLoockey, A.Sitaram, AmithLoockey, A.Alsultan, A.Chen, S.Chen, S.Chen, S.Chen, S.Asuncion, R.Graham, BrettGraham, BrettChen, S.Chen, S.Chen, S.Chen, S.Graham, BrettSingh, R.Singh, R.Singh, R.Singh, R.Tse, D.Singh, R.Singh, R.Singh, R.Singh, R.Moussaddy, AimenAlsultan, A.Alsultan, A.Alsultan, A.Alsultan, A.Alsultan, A.Moussaddy, AimenDoshi, D.Alsultan, A.Alsultan, A.Alsultan, A.Moussaddy, AimenChakraborty, DebabrataAsuncion, R.Chakraborty, DebabrataVolny, O.Asuncion, R.Asuncion, R.Chakraborty, DebabrataAsuncion, R.Asuncion, R.Asuncion, R.Asuncion, R.Asuncion, R.Ojha, P.Tse, D.Tse, D.Tse, D.Tse, D.Maraj, NicholasMaraj, NicholasTse, D.Maraj, NicholasTse, 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M.Boulton, M.Boulton, M.Bullrich, M.Weeks, AdrienneLownie, S.Bullrich, M.Bullrich, M.Bullrich, M.Bullrich, M.Weeks, AdrienneWeeks, AdrienneBullrich, M.Bullrich, M.Bullrich, M.Fridman, S.Fridman, S.Fridman, S.Fridman, S.Jarrett, JudithJarrett, JudithJarrett, JudithFridman, S.Fridman, S.Khaw, A.Fridman, S.Fridman, S.Kiwan, R.Kiwan, R.Pandey, S.Kiwan, R.MacDonald, DebbieKiwan, R.Kiwan, R.Kiwan, R.MacDonald, DebbieMacDonald, DebbieKiwan, R.Kiwan, R.Lee, D.Lee, D.Arsenault, JoannaLee, D.Lee, D.Lee, D.Sharma, M.Arsenault, JoannaLee, D.Lee, D.Lee, D.Arsenault, JoannaLownie, S.Lownie, S.Lownie, S.Lownie, S.Sposato, L.Lownie, S.Kinnear, RuthLownie, S.Kinnear, RuthKinnear, RuthLownie, S.Lownie, S.Khaw, A.Khaw, A.Khaw, A.Mandzia, JenniferKhaw, A.Khaw, A.Khaw, A.Mandzia, JenniferKhaw, A.Khaw, A.Mandzia, JenniferWade, K.Pandey, S.Pandey, S.Pandey, S.Pandey, S.Mayich, MichaelBeauchamp, B.Mayich, MichaelMayich, MichaelPandey, S.Pandey, S.Pandey, S.Pandey, S.Boulton, MelfortSharma, M.Sharma, M.Sharma, M.Lambourn, L.Sharma, M.Boulton, MelfortBoulton, MelfortSharma, M.Sharma, M.Sharma, M.Sharma, M.Sposato, L.Sposato, L.Bullrich, MariaSposato, L.Sposato, L.Amato-Marziali, B.Sposato, L.Bullrich, MariaSposato, L.Bullrich, MariaSposato, L.Sposato, L.Wade, K.Wade, K.Fridman, SebastianWade, K.Wade, K.Wade, K.Fridman, SebastianWade, K.Fridman, SebastianPoppe, A.Wade, K.Wade, K.Beauchamp, B.Beauchamp, B.Beauchamp, B.Daneault, N.Kiwan, RubaKiwan, RubaBeauchamp, B.Beauchamp, B.Kiwan, RubaBeauchamp, B.Beauchamp, B.Beauchamp, B.Lambourn, L.Lee, DonaldLambourn, L.Lee, DonaldLee, DonaldLambourn, L.Lambourn, L.Lambourn, L.Lambourn, L.Lambourn, L.Lambourn, L.Deschaintre, Y.Amato-Marziali, B.Lownie, StephenLownie, StephenAmato-Marziali, B.Amato-Marziali, B.Amato-Marziali, B.Amato-Marziali, B.Lownie, StephenAmato-Marziali, B.Gioia, L.Amato-Marziali, B.Amato-Marziali, B.Poppe, A.Poppe, A.Poppe, A.Poppe, A.Khaw, AlexanderPoppe, A.Poppe, A.Poppe, A.Khaw, AlexanderJacquin, G.Poppe, A.Khaw, AlexanderDaneault, N.Daneault, N.Pandey, SachinDaneault, N.Pandey, SachinDaneault, N.Daneault, N.Daneault, N.Pandey, SachinOdier, C.Daneault, N.Daneault, N.Deschaintre, Y.Sharma, ManasStapf, C.Sharma, ManasDeschaintre, Y.Deschaintre, Y.Deschaintre, Y.Sharma, ManasDeschaintre, Y.Deschaintre, Y.Deschaintre, Y.Deschaintre, Y.Sposato, LucianoGioia, L.Gioia, L.Sposato, LucianoGioia, L.Gioia, L.Sposato, LucianoGioia, L.Gioia, L.Raymond, J.Gioia, L.Gioia, L.Jacquin, G.Weill, A.Jacquin, G.Wade, KevinJacquin, G.Jacquin, G.Wade, KevinJacquin, G.Jacquin, G.Wade, KevinJacquin, G.Jacquin, G.Beauchamp, BethOdier, C.Odier, C.Odier, C.Odier, C.Beauchamp, BethOdier, C.Beauchamp, BethOdier, C.Odier, C.Lapierre, M.Odier, C.Jadil, N.Stapf, C.Lambourn, LindsayLambourn, LindsayStapf, C.Stapf, C.Stapf, C.Stapf, C.Stapf, C.Stapf, C.Stapf, C.Lambourn, LindsayRaymond, J.Raymond, J.Raymond, J.Raymond, J.Raymond, J.Jolteus, J.Raymond, J.Amato-Marziali, BelindaAmato-Marziali, BelindaRaymond, J.Raymond, J.Amato-Marziali, BelindaAngle, M.Weill, A.Weill, A.Weill, A.Weill, A.Weill, A.Poppe, AlexandreWeill, A.Poppe, AlexandreWeill, A.Poppe, AlexandreWeill, A.Roy, DanielRoy, DanielLapierre, M.Lapierre, M.Lapierre, M.Lapierre, M.Lapierre, M.Lapierre, M.Lapierre, M.Hannouche, M.Roy, DanielLapierre, M.Daneault, NicoleJadil, N.Jadil, N.Jadil, N.Daneault, NicoleJadil, N.Jadil, N.Jadil, N.Daneault, NicoleBadawy, M.Jadil, N.Jadil, N.Jolteus, J.Deschaintre, YanDeschaintre, YanJolteus, J.Jolteus, J.Jolteus, J.Jolteus, J.Deschaintre, YanJolteus, J.Jolteus, J.Jolteus, J.Letourneau, J.Gioia, LauraAngle, M.Angle, M.Gioia, LauraAngle, M.Cortes, M.Gioia, LauraAngle, M.Angle, M.Angle, M.Angle, M.Angle, M.Jacquin, GrégoryHannouche, M.Hannouche, M.Hannouche, M.Linnell, G.Hannouche, M.Hannouche, M.Jacquin, GrégoryHannouche, M.Jacquin, GrégoryHannouche, M.Hannouche, M.Badawy, M.Badawy, M.Badawy, M.Badawy, M.Odier, CélineBadawy, M.Badawy, M.Badawy, M.Odier, CélineBadawy, M.Tampieri, D.Odier, CélineLetourneau, J.Letourneau, J.Stapf, ChristianVieira, L.Letourneau, J.Stapf, ChristianLetourneau, J.Letourneau, J.Letourneau, J.Letourneau, J.Stapf, ChristianLetourneau, J.Iancu, DanielaLegault, C.Cortes, M.Iancu, DanielaIancu, DanielaCortes, M.Cortes, M.Cortes, M.Cortes, M.Cortes, M.Cortes, M.Cortes, M.Durcan, L.Raymond, JeanLinnell, G.Linnell, G.Linnell, G.Raymond, JeanLinnell, G.Linnell, G.Raymond, JeanLinnell, G.Linnell, G.Linnell, G.Weill, AlainTampieri, D.Tampieri, D.Tampieri, D.Tampieri, D.Tampieri, D.Weill, AlainTampieri, D.Tampieri, D.Weill, AlainMoore, A.Tampieri, D.Lapierre, MarlèneLapierre, MarlèneVieira, L.Vieira, L.Cole, E.Vieira, L.Vieira, L.Vieira, L.Vieira, L.Vieira, L.Lapierre, MarlèneVieira, L.Legault, C.Legault, C.Jadil, NadiaJadil, NadiaLegault, C.Legault, C.Legault, C.Legault, C.Magnussen, C.Legault, C.Jadil, NadiaLegault, C.Jolteus, JudlèneSalmon, K.Durcan, L.Durcan, L.Durcan, L.Durcan, L.Jolteus, JudlèneDurcan, L.Durcan, L.Durcan, L.Durcan, L.Jolteus, JudlèneMoore, A.Moore, A.Moore, A.Teitelbaum, JeanneMoore, A.Moore, A.Teitelbaum, JeanneKhalil, S.Moore, A.Moore, A.Teitelbaum, JeanneMoore, A.Angle, MarkCole, E.Angle, MarkCole, E.Cole, E.Cole, E.Angle, MarkCole, E.Cole, E.Cole, E.Cole, E.Desloges, I.Magnussen, C.Magnussen, C.Hannouche, MathewHannouche, MathewMagnussen, C.Waxman, L.Magnussen, C.Magnussen, C.Magnussen, C.Magnussen, C.Hannouche, MathewMagnussen, C.Badawy, MohamedAbdon, W.Salmon, K.Salmon, K.Salmon, K.Badawy, MohamedBadawy, MohamedSalmon, K.Salmon, K.Salmon, K.Salmon, K.Salmon, K.Khalil, S.Khalil, S.Letourneau, JustinKhalil, S.Khalil, S.Khalil, S.Khalil, S.Lai, S.Letourneau, JustinKhalil, S.Letourneau, JustinKhalil, S.Desloges, I.Cortes, MariaDesloges, I.Desloges, I.Desloges, I.Desloges, I.Shamy, M.Desloges, I.Desloges, I.Desloges, I.Cortes, MariaCortes, MariaWaxman, L.Linnell, GrantWaxman, L.Waxman, L.Waxman, L.Waxman, L.Linnell, GrantWaxman, L.Stotts, G.Linnell, GrantWaxman, L.Waxman, L.Abdon, W.Blacquiere, D.Abdon, W.Abdon, W.Abdon, W.Tampieri, DonateelaAbdon, W.Abdon, W.Abdon, W.Tampieri, DonateelaTampieri, DonateelaAbdon, W.Vieira, LucyLai, S.Lai, S.Lai, S.Lai, S.Vieira, LucyLesiuk, H.Vieira, LucyLai, S.Lai, S.Lai, S.Lai, S.Quateen, A.Shamy, M.Moussaddy, AimenShamy, M.Shamy, M.Shamy, M.Shamy, M.Shamy, M.Moussaddy, AimenShamy, M.Moussaddy, AimenShamy, M.Stotts, G.Stotts, G.Stotts, G.Legault, CatherineLegault, CatherineStotts, G.Stotts, G.Drake, B.Stotts, G.Stotts, G.Stotts, G.Legault, CatherineDurcan, LiamBlacquiere, D.Blacquiere, D.Blacquiere, D.Dewar, B.Blacquiere, D.Blacquiere, D.Blacquiere, D.Durcan, LiamDurcan, LiamBlacquiere, D.Blacquiere, D.Lesiuk, H.Moore, AngelaMoore, AngelaLesiuk, H.Moore, AngelaLesiuk, H.Lesiuk, H.Lesiuk, H.Lesiuk, H.Lesiuk, H.Lesiuk, H.Daham, Z.Hunter, G.Cole, ErinQuateen, A.Quateen, A.Quateen, A.Quateen, A.Cole, ErinQuateen, A.Quateen, A.Quateen, A.Cole, ErinQuateen, A.Drake, B.Drake, B.Drake, B.Drake, B.Drake, B.Magnussen, ClaireMagnussen, ClaireDrake, B.Magnussen, ClaireDrake, B.Drake, B.Peeling, L.Dewar, B.Dewar, B.Dewar, B.Whelan, R.Dewar, B.Dewar, B.Dewar, B.Dewar, B.Salmon, KristianaSalmon, KristianaDewar, B.Salmon, KristianaKhalil, SalmaDaham, Z.Daham, Z.Daham, Z.Daham, Z.Garner, A.Khalil, SalmaDaham, Z.Daham, Z.Daham, Z.Khalil, SalmaDaham, Z.Hunter, G.Desloges, IsabelleHunter, G.Hunter, G.Desloges, IsabelleHunter, G.Urroz, L.Hunter, G.Hunter, G.Hunter, G.Desloges, IsabelleHunter, G.Peeling, L.Peeling, L.Peeling, L.Waxman, LindsayPeeling, L.Peeling, L.Peeling, L.Maley, S.Peeling, L.Waxman, LindsayPeeling, L.Waxman, LindsayWhelan, R.Whelan, R.Silver, F.Whelan, R.Whelan, R.Whelan, R.Whelan, R.Whelan, R.Whelan, R.Garner, A.Garner, A.Garner, A.Garner, A.Casaubon, L.Garner, A.Garner, A.Lai, SoniaGarner, A.Lai, SoniaGarner, A.Lai, SoniaUrroz, L.Urroz, L.Dowlatshahi, DarPikula, A.Dowlatshahi, DarUrroz, L.Dowlatshahi, DarUrroz, L.Urroz, L.Urroz, L.Urroz, L.Urroz, L.Iancu, DanielaMaley, S.Maley, S.Iancu, DanielaMaley, S.Maley, S.Maley, S.Maley, S.Del Campo, M.Maley, S.Iancu, DanielaMaley, S.Silver, F.Shamy, MichelSchaafsma, J.Shamy, MichelSilver, F.Silver, F.Silver, F.Silver, F.Silver, F.Shamy, MichelSilver, F.Silver, F.Casaubon, L.Casaubon, L.Casaubon, L.Stotts, GrantCasaubon, L.Stotts, GrantStotts, GrantJaigobin, C.Casaubon, L.Casaubon, L.Casaubon, L.Casaubon, L.Pikula, A.Pikula, A.Krings, T.Pikula, A.Pikula, A.Pikula, A.Pikula, A.Blacquiere, DylanBlacquiere, DylanPikula, A.Blacquiere, DylanPikula, A.Del Campo, M.Del Campo, M.Lesiuk, HowardDel Campo, M.Del Campo, M.Del Campo, M.Del Campo, M.Lesiuk, HowardDel Campo, M.Lesiuk, HowardDel Campo, M.Pereira, V.Quateen, AimanSchaafsma, J.Quateen, AimanAgid, R.Schaafsma, J.Schaafsma, J.Schaafsma, J.Schaafsma, J.Quateen, AimanSchaafsma, J.Schaafsma, J.Schaafsma, J.Jaigobin, C.Farb, R.Jaigobin, C.Jaigobin, C.Jaigobin, C.Drake, BrianJaigobin, C.Drake, BrianJaigobin, C.Jaigobin, C.Drake, BrianJaigobin, C.Krings, T.Krings, T.Dewar, BrianKrings, T.Kalman, L.Dewar, BrianDewar, BrianKrings, T.Krings, T.Krings, T.Krings, T.Krings, T.Pereira, V.Daham, ZeinabDaham, ZeinabDaham, ZeinabPereira, V.Pereira, V.Pereira, V.Pereira, V.Pereira, V.Cayley, A.Pereira, V.Pereira, V.Kelly, MichaelAgid, R.Agid, R.Agid, R.Agid, R.Kelly, MichaelKelly, MichaelAgid, R.Agid, R.Agid, R.Agid, R.Williams, J.Hunter, GaryFarb, R.Farb, R.Farb, R.Farb, R.Farb, R.Farb, R.Hunter, GaryStewart, T.Farb, R.Hunter, GaryFarb, R.Kalman, L.Kalman, L.Kalman, L.Peeling, LissaKalman, L.Kalman, L.Peeling, LissaKalman, L.Kalman, L.Kalman, L.Peeling, LissaMisquitta, K.Selchen, D.Cayley, A.Graham, BrettCayley, A.Cayley, A.Cayley, A.Cayley, A.Graham, BrettCayley, A.Cayley, A.Cayley, A.Graham, BrettWilliams, J.Williams, J.Whelan, RuthWilliams, J.Whelan, RuthWilliams, J.Marotta, T.Williams, J.Williams, J.Williams, J.Whelan, RuthWilliams, J.Stewart, T.Stewart, T.Stewart, T.Stewart, T.Garner, AaronGarner, AaronStewart, T.Sarma, D.Garner, AaronStewart, T.Stewart, T.Stewart, T.Urroz, LilianMisquitta, K.Misquitta, K.Urroz, LilianMisquitta, K.Misquitta, K.Misquitta, K.Misquitta, K.Misquitta, K.Urroz, LilianMisquitta, K.Montanera, W.Spears, J.Selchen, D.Selchen, D.Selchen, D.Maley, SharleenSelchen, D.Selchen, D.Maley, SharleenSelchen, D.Selchen, D.Selchen, D.Maley, SharleenSilver, FrankSilver, FrankMarotta, T.Marotta, T.Marotta, T.Marotta, T.Marotta, T.Marotta, T.Saposnik, G.Silver, FrankMarotta, T.Marotta, T.Casaubon, LeanneSarma, D.Kostyrko, P.Sarma, D.Sarma, D.Sarma, D.Casaubon, LeanneSarma, D.Sarma, D.Sarma, D.Casaubon, LeanneSarma, D.Montanera, W.Pikula, AleksandraMontanera, W.Montanera, W.Montanera, W.Li, Y.Montanera, W.Pikula, AleksandraMontanera, W.Montanera, W.Montanera, W.Pikula, AleksandraSpears, J.Spears, J.Spears, J.Spears, J.Spears, J.Spears, J.Spears, J.Spears, J.Parra-Farina, C.Saposnik, G.Saposnik, G.Saposnik, G.Schaafsma, JoannaSaposnik, G.Schaafsma, JoannaBengzon Diestro, J.D.Schaafsma, JoannaSaposnik, G.Saposnik, G.Saposnik, G.Saposnik, G.Jaigobin, CherylKostyrko, P.Kostyrko, P.Kostyrko, P.Jaigobin, CherylKostyrko, P.Jaigobin, CherylKostyrko, P.Kostyrko, P.Kostyrko, P.Verreault, S.Kostyrko, P.Li, Y.Li, Y.Li, Y.Li, Y.Li, Y.Mackey, A.Li, Y.Krings, TimoKrings, TimoLi, Y.Li, Y.Krings, TimoPereira, VitorParra-Farina, C.Parra-Farina, C.Pereira, VitorParra-Farina, C.Audet, M.-E.Parra-Farina, C.Parra-Farina, C.Parra-Farina, C.Pereira, VitorParra-Farina, C.Parra-Farina, C.Bengzon Diestro, J.D.Bengzon Diestro, J.D.Agid, RonitAgid, RonitMilot, G.Bengzon Diestro, J.D.Bengzon Diestro, J.D.Bengzon Diestro, J.D.Bengzon Diestro, J.D.Bengzon Diestro, J.D.Agid, RonitBengzon Diestro, J.D.Verreault, S.Lavoie, P.Verreault, S.Verreault, S.Farb, RichardVerreault, S.Verreault, S.Farb, RichardVerreault, S.Farb, RichardVerreault, S.Verreault, S.Kalman, LibbyMackey, A.Kalman, LibbyMackey, A.Mackey, A.Mackey, A.Mackey, A.Mackey, A.Mackey, A.Gariépy, J.-L.Mackey, A.Kalman, LibbyAudet, M.-E.Audet, M.-E.Audet, M.-E.Cayley, AnneAudet, M.-E.Audet, M.-E.Cayley, AnneCollard, K.Audet, M.-E.Cayley, AnneAudet, M.-E.Audet, M.-E.Milot, G.Milot, G.Milot, G.Williams, JaniceHaché, A.Milot, G.Williams, JaniceMilot, G.Williams, JaniceMilot, G.Milot, G.Milot, G.Lavoie, P.Lavoie, P.Van Adel, B.Stewart, TimLavoie, P.Lavoie, P.Lavoie, P.Stewart, TimStewart, TimLavoie, P.Lavoie, P.Lavoie, P.Gariépy, J.-L.Misquitta, KarenGariépy, J.-L.Gariépy, J.-L.Misquitta, KarenGariépy, J.-L.Gariépy, J.-L.Gariépy, J.-L.Misquitta, KarenSahlas, D.Gariépy, J.-L.Gariépy, J.-L.Alshanbari, A.Bharatha, AdityaCollard, K.Collard, K.Bharatha, AdityaCollard, K.Bharatha, AdityaCollard, K.Collard, K.Collard, K.Collard, K.Collard, K.Haché, A.Selchen, DanielSelchen, DanielHaché, A.Haché, A.Haché, A.Baldwin, J.Haché, A.Haché, A.Selchen, DanielHaché, A.Haché, A.Marotta, ThomasVan Adel, B.Van Adel, B.Van Adel, B.Van Adel, B.Marotta, ThomasVan Adel, B.Marotta, ThomasVan Adel, B.Van Adel, B.Catanese, L.Van Adel, B.Sahlas, D.Sahlas, D.Sarma, DipankaSarma, DipankaSahlas, D.Chen, B.Sahlas, D.Sahlas, D.Sarma, DipankaSahlas, D.Sahlas, D.Sahlas, D.Alshanbari, A.Alshanbari, A.Montanera, WalterMontanera, WalterDe Sa Boasquevisque, D.Alshanbari, A.Alshanbari, A.Alshanbari, A.Alshanbari, A.Alshanbari, A.Montanera, WalterAlshanbari, A.Baldwin, J.Baldwin, J.Spears, JuluanBaldwin, J.Baldwin, J.Baldwin, J.Deshmukh, A.Baldwin, J.Spears, JuluanSpears, JuluanBaldwin, J.Baldwin, J.Catanese, L.Knapman, J.Catanese, L.Catanese, L.Catanese, L.Saposnik, GustavoSaposnik, GustavoCatanese, L.Saposnik, GustavoCatanese, L.Catanese, L.Catanese, L.Chen, B.Kostyrko, PawelChen, B.Lamers, S.Kostyrko, PawelChen, B.Chen, B.Chen, B.Chen, B.Chen, B.Kostyrko, PawelChen, B.De Sa Boasquevisque, D.De Sa Boasquevisque, D.De Sa Boasquevisque, D.Li, YangmeiLarrazabal, R.De Sa Boasquevisque, D.Li, YangmeiDe Sa Boasquevisque, D.De Sa Boasquevisque, D.De Sa Boasquevisque, D.De Sa Boasquevisque, D.Li, YangmeiDeshmukh, A.Parra-Farina, CarmenDeshmukh, A.Deshmukh, A.Deshmukh, A.Deshmukh, A.MacMillan, S.Parra-Farina, CarmenDeshmukh, A.Parra-Farina, CarmenDeshmukh, A.Deshmukh, A.Knapman, J.Knapman, J.Knapman, J.Knapman, J.Knapman, J.Knapman, J.Knapman, J.Knapman, J.Mai, L.Camden, Marie-ChristineLamers, S.Lamers, S.Lamers, S.Mattia, A.Lamers, S.Camden, Marie-ChristineLamers, S.Lamers, S.Camden, Marie-ChristineLamers, S.Lamers, S.Verreault, SteveLarrazabal, R.Larrazabal, R.Verreault, SteveLarrazabal, R.Larrazabal, R.Nayar, S.Larrazabal, R.Larrazabal, R.Verreault, SteveLarrazabal, R.Larrazabal, R.MacMillan, S.MacMillan, S.MacMillan, S.Mackey, ArianeMacMillan, S.MacMillan, S.MacMillan, S.Ng, K.MacMillan, S.MacMillan, S.Mackey, ArianeMackey, ArianeMai, L.Mai, L.Mai, L.Audet, Marie-EveMai, L.Mai, L.Mai, L.Mai, L.Mai, L.Oczkowski, W.Audet, Marie-EveAudet, Marie-EveMattia, A.Milot, GenevièvePerera, K.Mattia, A.Mattia, A.Mattia, A.Milot, GenevièveMattia, A.Mattia, A.Mattia, A.Milot, GenevièveMattia, A.Nayar, S.Nayar, S.Nayar, S.Lavoie, PascaleNayar, S.Nayar, S.Lavoie, PascaleNayar, S.Shawawrah, M.Lavoie, PascaleNayar, S.Nayar, S.Ng, K.Gariépy, Jean-LucNg, K.Ng, K.Ng, K.Ng, K.Ng, K.Ng, K.Gariépy, Jean-LucShoamanesh, A.Ng, K.Gariépy, Jean-LucOczkowski, W.Oczkowski, W.Oczkowski, W.Collard, KarineOczkowski, W.Oczkowski, W.Oczkowski, W.Oczkowski, W.Collard, KarineCollard, KarineSobhi, G.Oczkowski, W.Haché, AnnettePerera, K.Perera, K.Perera, K.Perera, K.Syed, N.Perera, K.Perera, K.Perera, K.Haché, AnnetteHaché, AnnettePerera, K.Shawawrah, M.Shawawrah, M.Shawawrah, M.Taher, N.Shawawrah, M.Shawawrah, M.Shawawrah, M.Shawawrah, M.Shawawrah, M.Shoamanesh, A.Shoamanesh, A.Shoamanesh, A.Shoamanesh, A.Shoamanesh, A.Shoamanesh, A.Vandervelde, C.Shoamanesh, A.Sahlas, DemetriosSahlas, DemetriosShoamanesh, A.Sahlas, DemetriosSobhi, G.Sobhi, G.Alshanbari, AhmedSobhi, G.Sobhi, G.Sobhi, G.Sobhi, G.Alshanbari, AhmedSobhi, G.Alshanbari, AhmedWang Pharm, D.Sobhi, G.Syed, N.Syed, N.Syed, N.Syed, N.Baldwin, JosephineSyed, N.Syed, N.Baldwin, JosephineSyed, N.Baldwin, JosephineTeal, P.Syed, N.Benavente, O.Catanese, LucianaTaher, N.Taher, N.Catanese, LucianaTaher, N.Catanese, LucianaTaher, N.Taher, N.Taher, N.Taher, N.Taher, N.Vandervelde, C.Chen, BingVandervelde, C.Vandervelde, C.Vandervelde, C.Chen, BingChen, BingVandervelde, C.Wilson, L.Vandervelde, C.Vandervelde, C.Vandervelde, C.Wang Pharm, D.Mann, S.Wang Pharm, D.Wang Pharm, D.Wang Pharm, D.Wang Pharm, D.Wang Pharm, D.Wang Pharm, D.Wang Pharm, D.Teal, P.Teal, P.Yip, S.Deshmukh, AvirajTeal, P.Teal, P.Teal, P.Deshmukh, AvirajTeal, P.Teal, P.Teal, P.Deshmukh, AvirajMurphy, C.Benavente, O.Benavente, O.Benavente, O.Knapman, JordanBenavente, O.Knapman, JordanBenavente, O.Benavente, O.Knapman, JordanBenavente, O.Benavente, O.Wilson, L.Wilson, L.Wilson, L.Wilson, L.Heran, M.Lamers, ShanaLamers, ShanaWilson, L.Lamers, ShanaWilson, L.Wilson, L.Wilson, L.Mann, S.Mann, S.Mann, S.Larrazabal, RamiroMann, S.Mann, S.Mann, S.Larrazabal, RamiroMann, S.Mann, S.Settecase, F.Larrazabal, RamiroRedekop, G.Yip, S.Yip, S.Yip, S.Yip, S.Yip, S.MacMillan, 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PatriciaDesai, S.Zulfiqar, M.Zulfiqar, M.Desai, S.Griffin, LisaDesai, S.Griffin, LisaDiCrescento, S.Griffin, LisaZulfiqar, M.Zulfiqar, M.Zulfiqar, M.Zulfiqar, M.Zulfiqar, M.Gibson, L.Gibson, L.Gibson, L.Gibson, L.dePalmo, AshleydePalmo, AshleyGibson, L.Gibson, L.Zulfiqar, M.dePalmo, AshleyFarkas, J.Gibson, L.Barrett, S.Oliva, CynthiaBarrett, S.Barrett, S.Oliva, CynthiaFilipowski, G.Oliva, CynthiaBarrett, S.Barrett, S.Barrett, S.Gibson, L.Jadhav, AshutoshArcot, K.Jadhav, AshutoshBarrett, S.Barrett, S.Frontera, J.Arcot, K.Arcot, K.Arcot, K.Jadhav, AshutoshArcot, K.Arcot, K.DiCrescento, S.DiCrescento, S.Arcot, K.DiCrescento, S.Joset, D.DiCrescento, S.Arcot, K.Jovin, TudorDiCrescento, S.Jovin, TudorJovin, TudorDiCrescento, S.Farkas, J.Kenmuir, CynthiaDiCrescento, S.Farkas, J.Farkas, J.DiCrescento, S.Farkas, J.Kenmuir, CynthiaFarkas, J.Kenmuir, CynthiaFarkas, J.Liff, J.Filipowski, G.Jankowitz, BrianFilipowski, G.Jankowitz, BrianScher, E.Farkas, J.Filipowski, G.Jankowitz, BrianFarkas, J.Filipowski, G.Filipowski, G.Filipowski, G.Gross, BradleyFilipowski, G.Gross, BradleyFrontera, J.Frontera, J.Frontera, J.Gross, BradleyFilipowski, G.Frontera, J.Frontera, J.McDougall, C.Frontera, J.Joset, D.Kelly, C.Joset, D.Rocha, MarceloFrontera, J.Joset, D.Rocha, MarceloFrontera, J.Joset, D.Joset, D.Rocha, MarceloJoset, D.Joset, D.Liff, J.Starr, MatthewPatel, A.Joset, D.Liff, J.Liff, J.Starr, MatthewLiff, J.Starr, MatthewLiff, J.Liff, J.Brown, MerrittScher, E.Brown, MerrittScher, E.Monteith, S.Scher, E.Brown, MerrittLiff, J.Scher, E.Scher, E.Liff, J.Scher, E.Atchaneeyasakul, K.Hawkes, ChristineMcDougall, C.Scher, E.Hawkes, ChristineScher, E.McDougall, C.McDougall, C.McDougall, C.Hawkes, ChristineMcDougall, C.McDougall, C.Burgos, A.Shah, KavitKelly, C.Shah, KavitMcDougall, C.Kelly, C.Kelly, C.Kelly, C.Kelly, C.McDougall, C.Kelly, C.Shah, KavitKelly, C.Kelly, C.Tememe, DanoushkaPatel, A.Patel, A.Tememe, DanoushkaPatel, A.Patel, A.Patel, A.Chua, J.A.Tememe, DanoushkaPatel, A.Monteith, 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LeahFernandess, J.Ponting, K.Craft, LeahCraft, LeahPonting, K.Redford, J.Ponting, K.Ponting, K.Ferreira, M.Ponting, K.Shen, H.Schindler, KivaFerreira, M.Ke, M.Shen, H.Shen, H.Ponting, K.Shen, H.Schindler, KivaShen, H.Shen, H.Schindler, KivaSpokoyny, I.Bedenk, A.Bedenk, A.Bedenk, A.Schaad, ErinSchaad, ErinBedenk, A.Bedenk, A.Shen, H.Ponting, K.Bedenk, A.Schaad, ErinPatel, S.Gao, B.Bedenk, A.Shen, H.Patel, S.Patel, S.Patel, S.Schultz, MeaganSchultz, MeaganPatel, S.Schultz, MeaganPatel, S.Patel, S.Southerly, LorrettaFernandess, J.Fernandess, J.Southerly, LorrettaFernandess, J.Tong, D.Fernandess, J.Fernandess, J.Southerly, LorrettaBedenk, A.Fernandess, J.Chen, C.Fernandess, J.Ke, M.Ke, M.Doppelheuer, ShannonPatel, S.Ke, M.Doppelheuer, ShannonDoppelheuer, ShannonKe, M.Ke, M.Ke, M.Spokoyny, I.Spokoyny, I.Spokoyny, I.Charlton, JacquelynFernandess, J.Ke, M.Wong, C.Spokoyny, I.Spokoyny, I.Charlton, JacquelynSpokoyny, I.Charlton, JacquelynGao, B.Faggard, JasonGao, B.Faggard, JasonFaggard, 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PearlHolloway, W.Olds, K.Harrison, PearlOlds, K.Harrison, PearlOlds, K.Patel, KishanCrandall, S.Crandall, S.Patel, KishanCrandall, S.Boutwell, C.Olds, K.Crandall, S.Crandall, S.Halpin, J.Crandall, S.Patel, KishanEatman, J.Rahman, HaseebEatman, J.Olds, K.Eatman, J.Rahman, HaseebCrandall, S.Rahman, HaseebEatman, J.Eatman, J.Eatman, J.Donegan, B.Akhtar, N.Eatman, J.Butt, ReemaAkhtar, N.Schindler, J.Akhtar, N.Butt, ReemaAkhtar, N.Butt, ReemaAkhtar, N.Akhtar, N.Crandall, S.English, StephenHolloway, W.Holloway, W.Holloway, W.Holloway, W.Akhtar, N.Hwang, D.English, StephenHolloway, W.Holloway, W.English, StephenEatman, J.Halpin, J.Halpin, J.Halpin, J.Gilmore, E.Akhtar, N.Holloway, W.Puri, AjitHalpin, J.Halpin, J.Puri, AjitPuri, AjitHalpin, J.Howk, MaryDonegan, B.Donegan, B.Donegan, B.Donegan, B.Halpin, J.Donegan, B.Donegan, B.Holloway, W.Petersen, N.Howk, MaryHowk, MaryDonegan, B.Singh, JasmeetSingh, JasmeetSchindler, J.Schindler, J.Schindler, J.Halpin, J.Schindler, J.Sheth, K.Singh, 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K.Hicks II, W.Jasak, SaraJasak, SaraKaskar, O.Rai, V.Kaskar, O.Kaskar, O.Jasak, SaraKaskar, O.Kaskar, O.Katz, B.Vora, N.Kaskar, O.Katz, B.Katz, B.Fontaine, BrianaHicks II, W.Fontaine, BrianaKatz, B.Fontaine, BrianaKatz, B.Katz, B.Brown, A.King, ZacharyLoochtan, A.Loochtan, A.King, ZacharyKatz, B.Loochtan, A.Loochtan, A.Kaskar, O.Loochtan, A.King, ZacharyLoochtan, A.Pema, P.Katz, B.Pema, P.Goodman, D.Loochtan, A.Pema, P.Pema, P.Kuohn, LindseyKuohn, LindseyPema, P.Kuohn, LindseyPema, P.Rai, V.Rai, V.Pema, P.Rai, V.Rai, V.Rai, V.Danenbergs, B.Rai, V.Loochtan, A.Vora, N.Vora, N.Vora, N.Leary, MeganRai, V.Vora, N.Vora, N.Leary, MeganPema, P.Gossett, M.Leary, MeganVora, N.Brown, A.Rai, V.Nye, JoanBrown, A.Vora, N.Nye, JoanBrown, A.Brown, A.Brown, A.Chung, J.-W.Nye, JoanBrown, A.Halbert, KelseyGoodman, D.Brown, A.Goodman, D.Halbert, KelseyVora, N.Halbert, KelseyGoodman, D.Goodman, D.Goodman, D.Goodman, D.Jeon, P.Danenbergs, B.Kim, K.H.Brown, A.Danenbergs, B.Danenbergs, B.Danenbergs, B.Nystrom, KarinNystrom, KarinDanenbergs, B.Nystrom, KarinDanenbergs, B.Goodman, D.Gossett, M.Gossett, M.Goodman, D.Gossett, M.Gossett, M.Gossett, M.Neuschatz, KaileDanenbergs, B.Lim, Y.J.Neuschatz, KaileNeuschatz, KaileGossett, M.Danenbergs, B.Petrucci, DawnChung, J.-W.Nam, H.S.Chung, J.-W.Petrucci, DawnChung, J.-W.Chung, J.-W.Gossett, M.Chung, J.-W.Petrucci, DawnChung, J.-W.Jeon, P.Jeon, P.Coppola, AnnaJeon, P.Jeon, P.Jeon, P.Gossett, M.Coppola, AnnaCoppola, AnnaKim, Y.D.Chung, J.-W.Jeon, P.Kim, K.H.Chung, J.-W.Kim, K.H.Tarpley, JasonTarpley, JasonJeon, P.Kim, K.H.Kim, K.H.Kim, K.H.Park, H.Kim, K.H.Tarpley, JasonLim, Y.J.Park, H.Lim, Y.J.Lim, Y.J.Treasure, JoyceLim, Y.J.Kim, K.H.Treasure, JoyceTreasure, JoyceLim, Y.J.Jeon, P.Lim, Y.J.Hou, SamNam, H.S.Hou, SamHwang, I.G.Nam, H.S.Kim, K.H.Hou, SamNam, H.S.Lim, Y.J.Nam, H.S.Nam, H.S.Nam, H.S.Ha, W.Lim, Y.J.Umekubo, MarkUmekubo, MarkKim, Y.D.Kim, Y.D.Kim, Y.D.Umekubo, MarkKim, Y.D.Nam, H.S.Kim, Y.D.Kim, Y.D.Kim, Y.D.Choi, J.K.Park, 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C.-H.Yao, JayKim, C.-H.Kim, C.-H.Kim, C.-H.Kim, B.-K.Kim, B.-K.Yao, JayChoi, M.Kim, C.-H.Kim, C.-H.Yao, JayCaganap, ScottYoo, J.Yoo, J.Caganap, ScottYoo, J.Caganap, ScottBae, H.Yoo, J.Yoo, J.Kim, C.-H.Kim, C.-H.Yoo, J.Hong, J.-H.Jordan, JohnHong, J.-H.Jordan, JohnHong, J.-H.Jordan, JohnLee, J.S.Hong, J.-H.Hong, J.-H.Yoo, J.Hong, J.-H.Yoo, J.Kim, S.Kim, S.Teitelbaum, GeorgeHong, J.-H.Teitelbaum, GeorgeKim, S.Kim, S.Lee, J.-J.Hong, J.-H.Kim, S.Teitelbaum, GeorgeKim, S.Choi, M.Choi, M.Kim, S.Choi, M.Darflinger, RobertDarflinger, RobertJun, G.-E.Kim, S.Choi, M.Choi, M.Choi, M.Darflinger, RobertBae, H.Choi, M.Bae, H.Bae, H.Jeon, S.Gupta, RishiBae, H.Bae, H.Gupta, RishiBae, H.Gupta, RishiChoi, M.Lee, J.S.Bain, MarianneBain, MarianneBae, H.Bain, MarianneLee, J.S.Lee, J.S.Lee, J.S.Lee, J.S.Lee, J.S.Bae, H.Mitchell, P.Lee, J.-J.Lee, J.S.Budzik, RonaldBudzik, RonaldLee, J.S.Lee, J.-J.Lee, J.-J.Lee, J.-J.Lee, J.-J.Budzik, RonaldYassi, N.Lee, J.-J.Jun, G.-E.Jun, G.-E.Czerniak, JenniferDavis, S.Jun, G.-E.Lee, J.-J.Czerniak, JenniferJun, G.-E.Jun, G.-E.Czerniak, JenniferJun, G.-E.Lee, J.-J.Groezinger, KatherineJeon, S.Jeon, S.Jun, G.-E.Jeon, S.Groezinger, KatherineJun, G.-E.Groezinger, KatherineJeon, S.Jeon, S.Jeon, S.Donnan, G.Hicks, WilliamHicks, WilliamParsons, M.Mitchell, P.Jeon, S.Jeon, S.Mitchell, P.Mitchell, P.Mitchell, P.Mitchell, P.Mitchell, P.Hicks, WilliamYassi, N.Yassi, N.Yassi, N.Yassi, N.Yassi, N.Yan, B.Yassi, N.Mitchell, P.Mitchell, P.Davis, S.Katz, BrianDavis, S.Katz, BrianDavis, S.Yassi, N.Davis, S.Davis, S.Dowling, R.Davis, S.Katz, BrianYassi, N.Loochtan, AaronLoochtan, AaronDonnan, G.Donnan, G.Bush, S.Donnan, G.Davis, S.Donnan, G.Donnan, G.Donnan, G.Loochtan, AaronDavis, S.Parsons, M.Pema, PeterParsons, M.Pema, PeterParsons, M.Pema, PeterParsons, M.Wu, T.Parsons, M.Donnan, G.Parsons, M.Donnan, G.Yan, B.Parsons, M.Yan, B.Rai, VivekRai, VivekYan, B.Shah, D.Yan, B.Yan, B.Parsons, M.Rai, VivekYan, B.Dowling, R.Yan, B.Vora, NiravZhao, H.Dowling, R.Dowling, R.Vora, NiravDowling, R.Yan, B.Vora, NiravDowling, R.Dowling, R.Bush, S.Bush, S.Dowling, R.Brown, AmandaBush, S.Salvaris, P.Bush, S.Brown, AmandaDowling, R.Bush, S.Bush, S.Brown, AmandaBush, S.Wu, T.Goodman, DianeWu, T.Wu, T.Wu, T.Wu, T.Wu, T.Goodman, DianeBush, S.Goodman, DianeAlemseged, F.Wu, T.Shah, D.Danenbergs, BarbShah, D.Shah, D.Danenbergs, BarbShah, D.Wu, T.Danenbergs, BarbNg, F.Shah, D.Shah, D.Zhao, H.Zhao, H.Gossett, MonicaZhao, H.Williams, C.Zhao, H.Shah, D.Gossett, MonicaGossett, MonicaShah, D.Zhao, H.Zhao, H.Salvaris, P.Zhao, H.Salvaris, P.Salvaris, P.Salvaris, P.Zhao, H.Balabanski, A.Salvaris, P.Salvaris, P.Alemseged, F.Salvaris, P.Alemseged, F.Jong-Won, ChungSalvaris, P.Alemseged, F.Alemseged, F.Alemseged, F.Jong-Won, ChungDos Santos, A.Jong-Won, ChungAlemseged, F.Alemseged, F.Ng, F.Ng, F.Jeon, PyoungNg, F.Jeon, PyoungNg, F.Alemseged, F.Jeon, PyoungNg, F.Ng, J.-L.Ng, F.Williams, C.Ng, F.Williams, C.Williams, C.Ng, F.Williams, C.Williams, C.Williams, C.McDonald, A.Balabanski, A.Balabanski, A.Balabanski, A.Balabanski, A.Williams, C.Balabanski, A.Balabanski, A.Williams, C.Jackson, D.Heo, Ji HDos Santos, A.Heo, Ji HBalabanski, A.Heo, Ji HDos Santos, A.Dos Santos, A.Dos Santos, A.Tsoleridis, J.Balabanski, A.Dos Santos, A.Dos Santos, A.Dos Santos, A.Pesavento, L.Ng, J.-L.Ng, J.-L.Ng, J.-L.Ng, J.-L.Nam, Hyo SNam, Hyo SNam, Hyo SDos Santos, A.Ng, J.-L.Ng, J.-L.Ng, J.-L.McDonald, A.McDonald, A.Nurs, R.D.Ng, J.-L.McDonald, A.McDonald, A.McDonald, A.McDonald, A.Jackson, D.Jackson, D.Jackson, D.Jackson, D.McDonald, A.Cranefield, J.Park, HyungJongJackson, D.Park, HyungJongJackson, D.Park, HyungJongMcDonald, A.Tsoleridis, J.Tsoleridis, J.Tsoleridis, J.Tsoleridis, J.Jackson, D.Tsoleridis, J.Jackson, D.Scroop, R.Tsoleridis, J.Pesavento, L.Pesavento, L.Tsoleridis, J.Pesavento, L.Ha, WooseokHa, WooseokCagi, L.Tsoleridis, J.Pesavento, L.Pesavento, L.Pesavento, L.Ha, WooseokNurs, R.D.Choi, Jin KNurs, R.D.Nurs, R.D.Choi, Jin KPesavento, L.Pesavento, L.Nurs, R.D.Nurs, R.D.Harvey, J.Choi, Jin KNurs, R.D.Cranefield, J.Waters, M.Nurs, R.D.Cranefield, J.Jeong, KyungsunJeong, KyungsunCranefield, J.Cranefield, J.Jeong, KyungsunCranefield, J.Cranefield, J.Nurs, R.D.Scroop, R.Scroop, R.Cranefield, J.Scroop, R.Scroop, R.Scroop, R.Cranefield, J.Scroop, R.Brennan, R.Hee-Kwon, ParkCagi, L.Cagi, L.Hee-Kwon, ParkScroop, R.Hee-Kwon, ParkCagi, L.Scroop, R.Cagi, L.Cagi, L.O’Hare, A.Cagi, L.Yoon, CindyHarvey, J.Power, S.Harvey, J.Harvey, J.Yoon, CindyHarvey, J.Cagi, L.Yoon, CindyHarvey, J.Harvey, J.Cagi, L.Waters, M.Bo-Kyung, KimWaters, M.Harvey, J.Harvey, J.Bo-Kyung, KimWaters, M.Waters, M.Waters, M.Williams, D.Bo-Kyung, KimWaters, M.Brennan, R.Boyle, K.Brennan, R.Waters, M.Brennan, R.Brennan, R.Brennan, R.Brennan, R.Waters, M.Chang-hyun, KimO’Hare, A.O’Hare, A.Brennan, R.O’Hare, A.Moynihan, B.O’Hare, A.Brennan, R.O’Hare, A.O’Hare, A.Chang-hyun, KimChang-hyun, KimPower, S.Power, S.O’Hare, A.Power, S.Yoo, JoonsangYoo, JoonsangYoo, JoonsangPower, S.Power, 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JunMartin, E.Go-Eun, JunMartin, E.Deegan, C.Walsh, R.Martin, E.Go-Eun, JunMartin, E.Lynch, J.Lynch, J.Lynch, J.Jeon, SujeongHorgan, G.Jeon, SujeongJeon, SujeongLynch, J.Martin, E.Martin, E.Lynch, J.Lynch, J.McElroy, S.Campbell, BruceMcElroy, S.McElroy, S.McElroy, S.Campbell, BruceMcElroy, S.McElroy, S.Kelly, P.Lynch, J.Campbell, BruceLynch, J.Coveney, S.Mitchell, PeterCoveney, S.Mitchell, PeterMitchell, PeterCoveney, S.McElroy, S.Laffan, A.McElroy, S.Coveney, S.Coveney, S.Coveney, S.Deegan, C.Llamas-Osorio, Y.Yassi, NawafCoveney, S.Yassi, NawafDeegan, C.Yassi, NawafDeegan, C.Deegan, C.Coveney, S.Deegan, C.Deegan, C.Horgan, G.Davis, StephenLynch, C.Davis, StephenDeegan, C.Horgan, G.Davis, StephenHorgan, G.Horgan, G.Deegan, C.Horgan, G.Horgan, G.Kelly, P.Horgan, G.Horgan, G.Kelly, P.Kelly, P.Donnan, GeoffreyMac Mahon, P.Kelly, P.Kelly, P.Donnan, GeoffreyDonnan, GeoffreyKelly, P.Kelly, P.Laffan, A.Laffan, A.Laffan, A.Laffan, A.Parsons, MarkKelly, P.Parsons, MarkParsons, MarkLaffan, 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JessicaPatterson, C.Tsoleridis, JessicaPatterson, C.Patterson, C.Patterson, C.Patterson, C.Adams, K.Pesavento, LaurenPesavento, LaurenAdams, K.Adams, K.Pesavento, LaurenSjöstrand, C.Adams, K.Adams, K.Adams, K.Kleinig, Timothy JAdams, K.Kleinig, Timothy JWells, B.Kleinig, Timothy JWells, B.Wells, B.Wells, B.Wells, B.Wells, B.Mazya, M.Adams, K.Wells, B.Almqvist, H.McFarland, M.McFarland, M.Wells, B.McFarland, M.McFarland, M.McFarland, M.McFarland, M.Moreira, T.Cranefield, JenniferMoreira, T.Moreira, T.Cranefield, JenniferMcFarland, M.McFarland, M.Moreira, T.Moreira, T.Cranefield, JenniferWahlgren, N.Moreira, T.Scroop, RebeccaMoreira, T.Sjöstrand, C.Sjöstrand, C.Sjöstrand, C.Sjöstrand, C.Moreira, T.Steinberg, A.Sjöstrand, C.Scroop, RebeccaScroop, RebeccaSjöstrand, C.Sjöstrand, C.Mazya, M.Cagi, LaveniaMazya, M.Cagi, LaveniaMazya, M.Cooray, C.Mazya, M.Mazya, M.Sjöstrand, C.Cagi, LaveniaMazya, M.Almqvist, H.Eriksson, E.Almqvist, H.Almqvist, H.Almqvist, H.Almqvist, H.Jackson, HarveyJackson, HarveyAlmqvist, H.Mazya, M.Jackson, HarveyMazya, M.Wahlgren, N.Waters, MichaelThorén, M.Wahlgren, N.Almqvist, H.Almqvist, H.Waters, MichaelWahlgren, N.Wahlgren, N.Wahlgren, N.Wahlgren, N.Waters, MichaelSteinberg, A.Steinberg, A.Steinberg, A.Thornton, JohnSteinberg, A.Thornton, JohnWahlgren, N.Wahlgren, N.Thornton, JohnKeselman, B.Steinberg, A.Steinberg, A.Brennan, RobertCooray, C.Brennan, RobertBrennan, RobertCooray, C.Cooray, C.Cooray, C.Steinberg, A.Steinberg, A.Cooray, C.Ahmed, N.I.Cooray, C.Eriksson, E.Cooray, C.Cooray, C.Holmberg, ?.O'Hare, AlanO'Hare, AlanEriksson, E.O'Hare, AlanEriksson, E.Eriksson, E.Eriksson, E.Eriksson, E.Axelsson, M.Thorén, M.Eriksson, E.Thorén, M.Thorén, M.Power, SarahThorén, M.Thorén, M.Power, SarahThorén, M.Eriksson, E.Power, SarahKeselman, B.Keselman, B.Williams, DavidWilliams, DavidThorén, M.Thorén, M.Berglund, A.Keselman, B.Keselman, B.Keselman, B.Keselman, B.Williams, DavidBoyle, KarlAhmed, N.I.Golsari, A.Keselman, B.Ahmed, N.I.Ahmed, N.I.Ahmed, N.I.Ahmed, N.I.Boyle, KarlBoyle, KarlAhmed, N.I.Keselman, B.Holmberg, ?.Holmberg, ?.Moynihan, BarryMoynihan, BarryHolmberg, ?.Ahmed, N.I.Hoppe, J.Holmberg, ?.Moynihan, BarryHolmberg, ?.Ahmed, N.I.Holmberg, ?.Liddy, Ann-MarieAxelsson, M.Axelsson, M.Holmberg, ?.Liddy, Ann-MarieLiddy, Ann-MarieAxelsson, M.Axelsson, M.Deb-Chatterji, M.Holmberg, ?.Axelsson, M.Axelsson, M.Berglund, A.Berglund, A.Large, MargaretLarge, MargaretLarge, MargaretAxelsson, M.Berglund, A.Berglund, A.Cheng, B.Berglund, A.Axelsson, M.Berglund, A.Berglund, A.Golsari, A.Cullen, AilbheBerglund, A.Cullen, AilbheGolsari, A.Cullen, AilbheGolsari, A.Golsari, A.Golsari, A.Golsari, A.Barrow, E.Hoppe, J.Hoppe, J.Hoppe, J.Hoppe, J.Walsh, RoisinSchlemm, E.Walsh, RoisinHoppe, J.Golsari, A.Walsh, RoisinHoppe, J.Golsari, A.Lettow, I.Martin, EmmaMartin, EmmaDeb-Chatterji, M.Deb-Chatterji, M.Deb-Chatterji, M.Martin, EmmaDeb-Chatterji, M.Deb-Chatterji, M.Hoppe, J.Hoppe, J.Deb-Chatterji, M.Deb-Chatterji, M.Deb-Chatterji, M.Cheng, B.Cheng, B.Lynch, JulieLynch, JulieCheng, B.Jensen, M.Cheng, B.Cheng, B.Cheng, B.Lynch, JulieBarrow, E.Barrow, E.Barrow, E.McElroy, SinéadBarrow, E.McElroy, SinéadCheng, B.Cheng, B.McElroy, SinéadBarrow, E.Barrow, E.Otto, D.Barrow, E.Schlemm, E.Jaramillo, K.Schlemm, E.Schlemm, E.Schlemm, E.Murphy, SeánMurphy, SeánSchlemm, E.Schlemm, E.Barrow, E.Murphy, SeánSchlemm, E.Lettow, I.Coveney, SarahLettow, I.Schlemm, E.Appelbohm, H.Coveney, SarahLettow, I.Coveney, SarahLettow, I.Lettow, I.Lettow, I.Deegan, CarolineJensen, M.Jensen, M.Jensen, M.Deegan, CarolineLettow, I.Jensen, M.Jensen, M.Deegan, CarolineJensen, M.Fiehler, J.Lettow, I.Otto, D.Otto, D.Horgan, GillianOtto, D.Otto, D.Horgan, GillianOtto, D.Horgan, GillianJensen, M.Bester, M.Otto, D.Jensen, M.Jaramillo, K.Otto, D.Jaramillo, K.Kelly, PeterOtto, D.Kelly, PeterJaramillo, K.Schönfeld, M.Jaramillo, K.Kelly, PeterJaramillo, K.Jaramillo, K.Appelbohm, H.Appelbohm, H.Laffan, AoifeJaramillo, K.Brekenfeld, C.Jaramillo, K.Appelbohm, H.Laffan, AoifeAppelbohm, H.Laffan, AoifeAppelbohm, H.Appelbohm, H.Fiehler, J.Fiehler, J.Appelbohm, H.Fiehler, J.Fiehler, J.Llamas-Osorio, YudyLlamas-Osorio, YudyFiehler, J.Appelbohm, H.Fiehler, J.Holst, B.Llamas-Osorio, YudyFiehler, J.Bester, M.Bester, M.Lynch, CatherineWortmann, G.Bester, M.Fiehler, J.Lynch, CatherineBester, M.Bester, M.Lynch, CatherineBester, M.Schönfeld, M.Schönfeld, M.Schönfeld, M.Schönfeld, M.Schönfeld, M.Bester, M.Schönfeld, M.Koch, F.Bester, M.Brekenfeld, C.Marnane, MichaelMarnane, MichaelBrekenfeld, C.Marnane, MichaelBrekenfeld, C.Brekenfeld, C.Brekenfeld, C.Schönfeld, M.Schönfeld, M.Gerber, J.Brekenfeld, C.Holst, B.Holst, B.Brekenfeld, C.Holst, B.Brekenfeld, C.McCabe, JohnMcCabe, JohnMcCabe, JohnAbramyuk, A.Holst, B.Holst, B.Holst, B.Wortmann, G.Burns, PaulKaiser, D.Wortmann, G.Wortmann, G.Holst, B.Wortmann, G.Holst, B.Burns, PaulBurns, PaulWortmann, G.Wortmann, G.Tauro, SuzanneKoch, F.Koch, F.Koch, F.Koch, F.Koch, F.Koch, F.Wortmann, G.Wortmann, G.Winzer, S.Tauro, SuzanneTauro, SuzanneCuddy, SarahGerber, J.Gerber, J.Cuddy, SarahPrakapenia, A.Koch, F.Gerber, J.Gerber, J.Koch, F.Cuddy, SarahGerber, J.Gerber, J.Rennie, IanRennie, IanGerber, J.Abramyuk, A.Pallesen, L.-P.Rennie, IanAbramyuk, A.Abramyuk, A.Gerber, J.Abramyuk, A.Abramyuk, A.Abramyuk, A.Kaiser, D.Kaiser, D.Siepmann, T.Kaiser, D.Abramyuk, A.Smyth, GrahamAbramyuk, A.Kaiser, D.Kaiser, D.Smyth, GrahamKaiser, D.Smyth, GrahamWinzer, S.Flynn, PeterFlynn, PeterWinzer, S.Winzer, S.Barlinn, K.Kaiser, D.Flynn, PeterWinzer, S.Winzer, S.Winzer, S.Kaiser, D.Wiggam, IvanHaase, K.Prakapenia, A.Wiggam, IvanPrakapenia, A.Prakapenia, A.Prakapenia, A.Wiggam, IvanPrakapenia, A.Winzer, S.Winzer, S.Prakapenia, A.Pallesen, L.-P.Kerr, EndaPrakapenia, A.Kerr, EndaSauer, A.Pallesen, L.-P.Pallesen, L.-P.Prakapenia, A.Kerr, EndaPallesen, L.-P.Pallesen, L.-P.Pallesen, L.-P.Gordon, PatriciaLiman, J.Gordon, PatriciaSiepmann, T.Siepmann, T.Siepmann, T.Siepmann, T.Siepmann, T.Pallesen, L.-P.Pallesen, L.-P.Siepmann, T.Gordon, PatriciaBarlinn, K.Barlinn, K.Fearon, PatriciaBarlinn, K.Fearon, PatriciaSiepmann, T.Fearon, PatriciaBrehm, A.Siepmann, T.Barlinn, K.Barlinn, K.Barlinn, K.Barlinn, K.Haase, K.Roberts, GeraltHaase, K.Barlinn, K.Roberts, GeraltMaus, V.Haase, K.Haase, K.Haase, K.Haase, K.Roberts, GeraltSauer, A.Patterson, CathySauer, A.Sauer, A.Haase, K.Patterson, CathySauer, A.Hollstein, N.Haase, K.Patterson, CathySauer, A.Sauer, A.Liman, J.Liman, J.Adams, KarenLiman, J.Liman, J.Sauer, A.Reinke, A.Liman, J.Sauer, A.Adams, KarenLiman, J.Adams, KarenBrehm, A.Brehm, A.Brehm, A.Wells, BrianBrehm, A.Brehm, A.Wells, BrianWells, BrianBrehm, A.Liman, J.Liman, J.Neitz, G.McFarland, MargaretMaus, V.Maus, V.McFarland, MargaretMaus, V.Maus, V.Brehm, A.Maus, V.Brehm, A.Maus, V.McFarland, MargaretSchnieder, M.Maus, V.Holmin, StaffanSchwarz, M.Holmin, StaffanHollstein, N.Hollstein, N.Hollstein, N.Hollstein, N.Hollstein, N.Maus, V.Hollstein, N.Holmin, StaffanReinke, A.Hollstein, N.Reinke, A.Reinke, 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Off-Label Use of the WEB Device
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