• 1350 to 1800
  • 19th century
  • Western European History
  • Age of RevolutionsCultural History
  • Food and Food Cultures
  • Historical Teaching and Practice
  • Material CultureMoney, Political Economy and Commercial Life
  • Social and Revolutionary Movements.

I am a historian of politics, culture, and consumption who has published chiefly on eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Europe.

Deeply committed to archival research, I nonetheless find it crucial to maintain an active interest in cultural and critical theory.

She maintains an active interest in the history of  money and often teaches a course on the subject.

Research Interests:

  • cultural/social/economic theory
  • Money, finance, banking
  • France, 1715-present.

Area of expertise:

  • History

As a historian of France, I study the eighteenth and the nineteenth centuries, for the two are linked—more than they are separated—by the French Revolution.

European Studies, History
PhD, Cornell University, European History, 1993
MA, Cornell University, European History, 1988
BA, Harvard University, 1984