6 Publications
Transatlantic engagement: a novel dental educational exchange
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Gingival evaluation of the pediatric cardiac patient
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Pediatric dentistry, vol. 35, (no. 5), pp. 456, 2013 Sep-Oct. | Journal Article
The Relationship Between Acute Otitis Media and the Anatomic Form of the Hard Palate
Kim, Seok JinKim, Seok-JinKim, Seok-JinDonovan, DirkDonovan, Dirk MDonovan, DirkBlanchard, StevenBlanchard, Steven BBlanchard, StevenKowolik, Joan EKowolik, JoanKowolik, JoanEckert, GeorgeEckert, George J and Eckert, George
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Utilization of stainless steel crowns by general dentists and pediatric dental specialists in Indiana
Kowolik, JoanKowolik, JoanKozlowski, DianaKozlowski, DianaJones, James E and Jones, James E
Journal (Indiana Dental Association), vol. 86, (no. 2), pp. 16, 2007-Summer. | Journal Article
Perspectives on Affirmative Action in Academic Dental Institutions: The U.S. Supreme Court Rulings in the University of Michigan Cases
Peterson, Melanie RPeterson, MelanieKowolik, Joan EKowolik, JoanColeman, GaryColeman, GaryDietrich, SusanDietrich, SusanMascarenhas, Ana KMascarenhas, AnaMc Cunniff, MichaelMcCunniff, MichaelTaylor, George W and Taylor, George
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Private practice pediatric dentists in Indiana: location and longevity
De Ball, SuzanneBaumgartner, Michael and Kowolik, Joan E
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